How to start running? To the first runner!

have interest inLearn how to run., but not sure where to start?

When I first started running, I was a fat man five years ago. I need some guidance on the right way to make me succeed.

Then I will talk to you about my heart and hope to give you some help!


Once you decide to run,We must have a positive attitude.. It seems easy, but I have seen too many people start to complain about their running process and start to go in the wrong direction with a negative attitude.

Say "I can do it" in your mind. Because you can. You must have the determination to try and hope that you will gradually fall in love with this "you may feel a little boring for a while" running. Of course, I believe that if you keep a good attitude and keep exercising, you will definitely fall in love with the excitement of this running.

Tips: You must have patience and persistence before you can really enjoy it. .

Give it some time to learn and strengthen its body.

Success depends on your goals and plans. Have a plan, especially when you are a beginner.

. Beginners usually feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start or how to relax their running journey. I was in this category until I learned the skills of planning.

Nobody told me I couldCombining running with walking is also a good training.. No one told me that I could start at 1 km, which is also a good training.

I thought I had to be like everyone else. I could start running 5 kilometers without training, so I put on my running shoes and rushed out of the gate. After the first 1 kilometer, I felt like I was going to die.

, not a "runner" … and I was wrong. I just don’t have a plan

Start slowly, and finally immerse yourself in it.

The key to success is to determine what "success" means to you.

For the first runner, it is very important for yourself. If you have never run 3 kilometers, don’t expect to run 5 kilometers on the first day.

Example of the goal of the first runner:

1. Complete the beginner’s running plan (for example, exercise for 120 minutes every week, in four days, 2.5-4 kilometers each time, adjust by yourself, or exercise for 30 minutes every other day).

2. Run continuously for 3 kilometers (20-25 minutes)

3. It takes 6-8 minutes per kilometer.

4. After one month’s training, try your first 5km (and finish it … running and walking, regardless of speed, as long as you finish it).

You can plan all the things you need for running, tie your shoelaces, put on some sportswear, and then go outside (or on the treadmill). Let’s start! I want to remember a famous running saying:"If running is difficult, run again tomorrow.".

Remember: be patient with yourself, you will get stronger every day, and you have started running, and you have done it!

Maybe there is no need to worry at first, but in the end, buying the right running shoes for our feet will make a big difference. I’ve been wearing the wrong shoes for a long time and didn’t realize how bad they made me feel, but now, good running shoes are my number one running equipment.

I like performance indicators, so that I can know my status and set goals appropriately. Running without records is like running that never happened.

Never wear pure cotton. Cotton absorbs sweat and moisture and stays there, unable to be discharged. This is bad (very bad) for runners. This means more blisters, poor regulation of the body’s temperature (very dangerous) and skin allergies.

Choose quick-drying and sweat-wicking sportswear:Any clothes that cling to your body should be made of sweat-wicking and quick-drying materials, which can drain sweat from your body and keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, there is less dandruff, less odor and the greatest pleasure for the body in sports. Almost all major brands use this material, so the choice is very, very large.

The usual rule is to inhale 3 steps and exhale 2 steps. Breathing through the mouth is the most effective way, but you can follow your most natural breathing style, which is the best.

Avoid shallow breathing:?Shallow breathing can reduce the oxygen entering the lungs than deep breathing. It will eventually reduce the oxygen content of muscles, which is very bad. To practice breathing, please concentrate your abdomen when inhaling, and then take a deep breath. Keep a steady breathing rhythm and maintain a good posture, and rest assured that you will soon begin to master the breathing method.


I wrote these articles for you according to my own experience. If you see this, thank you for your support and reading. I hope my sharing can help the first runners! A word for everyone: "People are like a marathon. When you cross the finish line, it is your starting point." Come on, let our life be healthier and happier!