Sichuan Petroleum ranks first in Chengdu group purchase list.

In order to enhance the brand influence of China Petrochemical in Sichuan, Sichuan Petroleum opened an account in Tik Tok, which injected new impetus into the company’s business development. In March, Sichuan Petroleum launched the live broadcast of "China Petrochemical Sichuan Voucher Exclusive" in Tik Tok at Rongxin and Yangxibei Jianeng Station respectively. Combined with the opportunity of two rounds of Sichuan Shuli Comfortable Voucher issuance, it actively promoted the group purchase coupons for refueling, set up online lottery and other links in the live broadcast, and launched limited-time concessions, attracting the attention and participation of many potential consumers, with a total of 470,000 people watching. On the day of the live broadcast, the daily list of group purchase with goods ranked first in Chengdu group purchase list and the top ten in the national list. The live broadcast sales exceeded 3 million yuan, the overall online sales exceeded 15 million yuan, and more than 4 million yuan of government coupons were introduced. (Diao Yuting, Mao Pan, Li Jia)