Six well-known game companies signed contracts with Jinghong Kinetic Energy.

On March 15th, at the scene of Huawei Cloud & Huawei Terminal Cloud Innovation Summit 2024, six well-known game companies, including Online Tour (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Babaiwan Network Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Junhai Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kinetic Wireless Media Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Shengdong Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Multibit Information Technology Co., Ltd., successfully signed contracts with Jinghong Kinetic. The signing of the contract indicates that the two sides will carry out broader and deeper cooperation and jointly promote the vigorous development of the game industry. Chen Mao, President of Huawei Terminal Cloud Advertising Business Department, and Jiang Zhili, General Manager of Huawei Terminal Cloud Interactive Media Business, attended the signing ceremony and witnessed this glorious moment with the participating enterprises.

At the signing ceremony, Chen Mao, president of Huawei’s terminal cloud advertising business department, made a wonderful speech. He said: "Whale Hong Kinetic Energy continues to persist in innovation and provide efficient and accurate marketing services for its partners. With the development of ecology and technology, it will open up more scenarios suitable for game delivery. Thank you for your support and trust in Whale Hong Kinetic Energy, and look forward to working together to create growth. "

In recent years, the game industry has ushered in rapid development. According to the China Game Industry Report 2023 of China Audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association, in 2023, the actual sales revenue of the game market in China exceeded 300 billion yuan for the first time, reaching 302.964 billion yuan. The number of game users in China is 668 million, reaching a new high in history; The fiery game market is constantly attracting the participation of relevant practitioners, and the competition is extremely fierce.

This time, the six game companies that signed commercial cooperation with Whale Hong Kinetic Energy have profound accumulation and extensive influence in the game field. By virtue of their excellent R&D capability, exquisite operation strategy and keen market insight, they have brought many classic and popular game works to players, and their cooperation with Whale Hong Kinetic Energy will help them further expand their market share.

By December 31, 2023, Whale Hong Kinetic had a native APP that had lived over 100 million in 12 months and access to over 60,000+tripartite media. Huawei Terminal Cloud had more than 580 million monthly users worldwide, providing a good platform foundation and pan-user foundation for game promotion. In the scene of promoting the realization, Jinghong Kinetic not only has the conventional advertising modes such as "opening screen", "information flow", "inserting screen" and "encouraging video", but also introduces the scene realization modes such as "meta service", "quick application", "application list" and "search advertisement".

According to expert feedback from Huawei’s terminal cloud advertising business department, the potential of Whale Hong Kinetic Energy Platform in the field of game marketing has been highly recognized by many game companies. Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of HarmonyOS’s ecology, the convenient experience of Harmony OS has attracted a large number of deep game lovers. With the help of ecological resources, Whale Hong Kinetic Energy brings more traffic and business opportunities to game companies and recommends more quality games to the right players. In the future, we look forward to joining hands with more game companies to give full play to their respective advantages and create new growth together.

Editor: rwzh4