BYD has been investigated by three organizations: Yunqi product matrix includes Yunqi -C, Yunqi -A, Yunqi -P and other products, which will greatly enhance the driving experience of consumers from the

  () The Record Form of Investor Relations Activities was released on July 3, 2023. On July 3, 2023, the company was investigated by three institutions, the types of which were other and overseas institutions. The main contents of investor relations activities are introduced:

  Q: What was BYD’s sales in June this year?

  A: In June, the company sold 253,046 new energy vehicles, and the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles exceeded 4.6 million. Among them, Dynasty and Ocean Net sold 240,535 vehicles and Tengshi vehicles 11,058 vehicles.

  Q: What new progress has BYD made in going to sea?

  A: On June 29th, BYD held a brand launch and new vehicle launch conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, officially launched the pure electric vehicle model PLUS (overseas called BYDATTO3) for the South African market, and announced the official price, officially opening a new pattern of BYD’s South African passenger car market. Huang Zhixue, general manager of BYD’s Middle East and Africa Automobile Sales Division, said: "We believe that every user in South Africa deserves a car that not only meets their transportation needs, but also exceeds their expectations. For many years, BYD has been providing its global users with a first-class sustainable travel experience. Today, BYD PLUS officially entered the South African market, which is a new chapter in green travel for us and the electric vehicle market in South Africa. "

  Q: How is BYD’s brand development and globalization?

  A: On June 15th, Google and Kaidu released the list of "Top 50 Global Brands of Kaidu BrandZ in China in 2023", aiming at evaluating the performance of China brands in global development. The list of the top 50 brands covers a number of industry brands, and BYD ranks 22nd, up five places from last year. This is the sixth time BYD has been on the list since the establishment of the list in 2017. With the continuous expansion of market territory, BYD has also carried out in-depth layout in localized production and international cooperation. In September 2022, BYD signed an agreement with Thailand WHA Group on land subscription and factory construction, which is the first overseas passenger car factory wholly invested by BYD. BYD has also actively strengthened cooperation with industry-leading partners, and signed a global agreement with Shell to jointly improve the charging experience of users. At the same time, BYD has built a dealer network around the world to provide high-quality sales and after-sales service to consumers in overseas markets and promote the popularization of new energy vehicles.

  Q: How about the development of BYD commercial vehicles?

  A: In terms of commercial vehicles, BYD’s pure electric buses and taxis have spread all over the world in more than 70 countries and regions and more than 400 cities. The business of passenger cars going to sea has been further accelerated. Up to now, BYD’s new energy passenger cars have entered 53 countries and regions such as Japan, Germany, Australia and Brazil. As BYD’s first global model, BYDATTO3 (Yuan PLUS) has achieved both sales volume and market reputation in the international market. In Thailand, the launch of this model triggered local users to snap up in the middle of the night, and this year has won the champion of pure electric vehicle sales in Thailand for five consecutive months. In Israel, this model has won the sales champion of the whole car for seven consecutive months. In addition, BYDATTO3 also won the first cumulative sales of pure electric vehicles in New Zealand and Singapore from January to May.

  Q: Please introduce the highlights of BYD’s cloud technology?

  A: The intelligent body control system of Yunqi is developed by BYD, which also indicates that BYD has become a China automobile enterprise that can independently master the intelligent body control system. The product matrix of Yunqi includes Yunqi -C, Yunqi -A, Yunqi -P and other products, which will greatly enhance the driving experience of consumers from the dimensions of comfort, control, safety and off-road. Yunbi can effectively restrain the change of body posture, greatly reduce the risk of vehicle rollover and reduce the sitting displacement of drivers and passengers. At the same time, the cloud chariot system can effectively protect the car body under complex road conditions such as snow, mud and water, avoid the collision damage of the whole car caused by terrain, improve driving comfort and safety, and realize the double protection of people and cars;

  Details of participating institutions are as follows:

Name of participating unit Category of participating units Name of participants Director overseas establishment — Jie LIU overseas establishment — PSP other —