Jackie Chan Film Plan A Wuhan Roadshow, Jackie Chan Appears to Encourage Young Filmmakers

1905 movie network news Recently, the fifth phase of the Jackie Chan Film Project A held a venture capital roadshow at the Jackie Chan Film and Television Media College of Wuhan Institute of Design and Engineering. This venture capital roadshow invited the fifth phase of the Plan A venture capital jury, teachers, directors, directors, shooting workshop instructors, directors, and others to attend the event.

Explore new forms of online cloud and set sail, Wuhan restarts venture capital roadshow

On November 16th, the opening ceremony and mentor class of the fifth phase of Jackie Chan Film Project A was held online. This instructor class focused on "virtual production" and brought immersive "virtual technology" teaching to the students. The instructors gave in-depth explanations on the practical experience of virtual technology, and discussed with the students how to balance the relationship between technology and art in the era of rapid technological development. They not only used the combination of new forms and new technologies to broaden the industry vision and expand thinking for young filmmakers, but also looked forward to the future of film through the teaching of digital technology.

On December 5, the fifth phase of Jackie Chan Film Project A’s venture capital meeting was successfully held at the academy. Tu Qing, director of the Wuhan Institute of Design and Engineering, mentioned, "The gathering of young filmmakers in Wuhan, the city of heroes, will also make this warm winter warmer."

In the project solicitation, the fifth phase of Jackie Chan Film Plan A received applications from more than 200 teams/individuals, with a total of more than 400 projects. After a rigorous review by the venture capital jury composed of Jia Zhijie, Tian Yusheng, and Yao Tingting, 8 groups of projects were finally selected to be shortlisted for the venture capital section of this Jackie Chan Film Plan A, namely "Love Before the World Collapses", "The Man Who Steals Fire", "The Strongest on the Surface", "Fire in a Urgent Situation", "Hunting Bureau", "Tiger in the Mountain" and "Hero".

During the venture capital session, the students showered their enthusiasm for the project, sharing and explaining their projects in multiple dimensions. The on-site guest judges also provided the most valuable experience from the market and drama level. The mentors and judges who were unable to come to the scene also provided professional advice to our young filmmakers through online comments.

Support young filmmakers, build dreams, and join forces online and offline

In order to deeply explore how young filmmakers can create excellent film projects, the industry mentors had a profound exchange and communication on the venture capital projects of young filmmakers. Not only did they give more suggestions on the creative path of young filmmakers in terms of story and play structure and genre, but they also analyzed the industry form from the perspective of the market and explored the future direction of film. The collision of ideas between mentors and students provides more guidance and possibilities for young filmmakers to create in the future. The collision is wonderful, the genre is diverse, but everyone’s purpose is the same – "everything has cracks, because that is where the light comes in" – and for young filmmakers, film is the light that illuminates the future.

No matter whether it is the judges of the project jury or the instructors of the "Short Film Shooting Workshop", they all mentioned that they have seen the innovation of young filmmakers in genres and plays in this shortlisted project. Not only are the themes more novel and the ideas more bold, but also the spiritual outlook is very promising.

At the end of the venture capital roadshow, Jackie Chan also came to the event and sent the most sincere encouragement and blessings to the young filmmakers. He mentioned: "Nowadays, the minds of young people are progressive, and some of their methods of shooting movies are beyond my imagination. I have also learned a lot from them."

The special project fund for film public welfare projects officially established by the Beijing Jackie Chan Charity Foundation Filmmakers Charity Special Project Fund in 2015 consists of two parts: "Young Filmmakers Project Support Program" and "New Filmmakers Training Program". It aims to provide limited support funds for small and medium-cost film production, provide professional training and film incubation for first-class top talents in the film industry, and care for reality through the power of film.

Since its launch in 2016, it has successfully carried out three special training camps with the themes of "Conducting Sino-US Film Exchanges", "Entering Film Special Effects Production", and "Exploring the Mysteries of Action Movies". In 2021, Chinese filmmakers will overcome the difficulties together and ride the wind and waves in the face of changes and challenges. The Jackie Chan Film Plan A also hopes to look forward to the bright future of young filmmakers through the fifth phase "The future has come, the unknown is known, and the unseen is seen", and build an exchange and learning platform for young filmmakers.

In the future, the Jackie Chan Film Plan A will continue to provide more opportunities and possibilities for young filmmakers, continuously injecting fresh blood and inexhaustible motivation into the industry, and helping the Chinese film industry to thrive.