Keep running for many years, how to get yourself out of a wound?

Most runners insist on running to get healthy, but there are indeed some runners who run and run out of injuries.

The so-called "running more hurts", I wonder if you have been shot?

Many runners have just started running, and the benefits of running are unstoppable: I can run three kilometers today and five kilometers tomorrow, and they like the feeling of working hard every day. However, after running for a month, I was injured.

Persistent training was interrupted by an unexpected injury, and there is nothing more annoying for runners. The days when you can’t run are suffering, and you are getting farther and farther away from your goals.

The pain seems to come suddenly, but the recovery is in months. I wish there was a magic medicine that could cure the injured part overnight, but it is actually"the injury comes like a mountain, and the injury goes like reeling."This kind of mood must have been experienced by many people.

In fact, many times the body will send us a signal to stop running. If you stop and rest immediately at this time, it will be the best choice to prevent the situation from deteriorating and help your body recover in the shortest time.

If you keep running, you may spend more time recovering.

Pay attention to the following situations. If you think it appears, you should stop running and have a good rest before you start. Never insist on running for many years, but you run out of your body.


It is normal for your body to feel tired after running, but if you still feel tired the next day or even the third day after getting enough sleep after training, it may be that the previous exercise is a bit too big and your body needs better recovery and adjustment. At this time, simply rest for another 1-2 days to fully charge your body.

But sometimes this kind of fatigue will be hard to disappear. You can try to do cross-training, such as going swimming. Of course, the distance should not be too long, mainly to relax. Swimming is a good companion for running, which can relax muscles and joints and make you feel comfortable after swimming.


Sometimes in the days after a long run, I feel that I have no appetite and can’t eat anything. The reason is that high-intensity exercise excessively stimulates the body and inhibits the activity of the digestive center of the brain. This is also a signal from your body that you need to rest, reminding you:Exercise too much, get more rest.

But even if you have no appetite, you can’t stop eating at all, and make some adjustments and combinations according to your personal tastes and habits. For example, doing something you particularly like to eat and eating as much as possible can help your body get enough nutrition to recover.

Muscle pain

For people who just started running, muscle soreness after exercise is normal. Every time this soreness increases your lactate threshold. Next time, the same distance will stop you from feeling pain, and your athletic ability will be improved in this way.

However, this kind of pain usually lasts only 1-2 days, and it will return to normal after the body completely metabolizes lactic acid.

If the pain lasts for 3-4 days or longer, there is a problem. The intensity of exercise must be reduced immediately, and it is best to stop it. Because this may be a precursor to injury in a certain part. At this time, if you run again, you will only get hurt more and more.

You can massage to help your muscles relax, which usually helps to recover from soreness. If it lasts more than a week, you should go to see a doctor.

Tired of running

The original intention of running is health, decompression and happiness. But sometimes, in a certain period of time, we feel that we don’t want to run when running, which is called "running-weariness period".

This psychological fatigue period is probably due to excessive training intensity. Excessive pursuit of running will make the body unable to rest in time, and will produce a feeling of mental fatigue.

Running is a part of life, even if you don’t want to run for a few days, it’s normal. Don’t blame yourself,Because even the hottest and slimiest men and women in love will always want to beat each other to death for a few days.

So you might as well stop running for a few days and run with emotion, but you will feel uncomfortable and make your body feel more tired. Reduce the intensity, let your body recover, and the expectation of running will naturally recover.

Dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting

When exercising, I sometimes feel dizzy, headache, and even nausea and vomiting. If it is not caused by diet, it is related to the change of blood pressure caused by strenuous exercise and low oxygen content in blood.

Your current exercise intensity may have exceeded your body’s endurance. If you continue, your risk of injury will increase greatly.Therefore, it is the best way to stop exercising immediately.

If this happens frequently, we need to rule out organic diseases. Many sudden deaths are triggered during strenuous exercise because we don’t understand some hidden diseases of the body, so we should pay attention to every reaction of the body.

There is no panacea for sports injuries. If you are unfortunately injured, you must take care of your injuries. The most wrong choice is to run with injuries.

You ran 5 kilometers with an injury today, and it may take you several times to recover from the injury.In fact, this unscientific and reckless spirit is not worth it at all.

Running is a lifetime thing, and stopping at the right time is to run better in the future.

Organize training reasonably at ordinary times, always pay attention to the warnings issued by your body, do what you can, step by step, and you can avoid most injuries.?

What experience do you have in preventing running injuries? Please leave a message to share!