Dry goods! Xiaohongshu’s "nesting" plan ended in four stops, planting grass efficiently to help the business growth of home brands.

For the contemporary young people who are used to the "little red book when things go wrong", whether it is to buy large pieces of soft furniture, or to start with kitchen cups and household lighting,Refer to Xiaohongshu’s experience in planting grass. , has become a consumption decision " Last mile "The key steps.

In this situation, in order to help the daily household industry better understand the needs of users, capture the trend of life, and explore innovative marketing models with brands, Xiaohongshu officially launched the marketing empowerment plan for the daily household industry on March 1. —— " nesting " count row , Four events have been held in Yongkang, Zhangzhou, Yiwu, Zhongshan and other places, covering more than 1,000 businesses, and sharing the "marketing value" and "business opportunities" of Xiaohongshu with home brand businesses in dozens of industrial belts.

Little Red Book "Nesting" "Plan four stops to a successful conclusion.

Join hands with merchants to talk about planting grass for home track products

In view of the multiple challenges faced by the daily household industry, such as the macro-environmental uncertainty and the low ROI of traditional traffic games, Xiaohongshu’s "Nesting" plan not only provides practical strategies for businesses to plant grass, but also provides a series of empowerment measures such as traffic support during the cold start period and daily traffic support for core businesses, which provides new ideas for brand global business opportunities.

At the same time, the "nesting" plan also provides businesses with such things asSVIPLearn first, Expert agency service, Marketing assistantGuide, BKmake a matchAnd a series of services, including but not limited to providing monthly marketing reports for merchants, helping merchants to screen bloggers to build links in batches, etc., so that all kinds of merchants with different development stages, different business growth needs and different business development models can enjoy personalized services.

The Rise of Xiaohongshu Home Circuit

Inject new potential energy into the growth of home business

Xiaohongshu data shows that in the community station " Family life interest crowd order of magnitude "It has rapidly increased by 8 times between 2020 and 2023-the data outlines the new possibilities of the surging home business. Among them, as high as 60% of the daily average user search ratio, as well as the huge daily average search query volume of 300 million, make Xiaohongshu become an important consumer decision-making field in addition to becoming the birthplace of home life trends. Every iteration of Little Red Book’s home life content represents the latest trend of home consumption.

At Yongkang Station, the first stop of the "nesting" plan, Xiaohongshu revealed the latest trend of track marketing for kitchen utensils and cups for merchants. Not only did we share the explosive categories such as iron pots, enameled pots, titanium cups and wine glasses, which continued to increase in popularity in the station, but we also extracted the super single product "Titanium Cup" with a year-on-year increase of 179% from the merchants, which provided a realistic guide for helping merchants to tap the blue ocean demand. Among them, in the cooperation with the new kitchen ware brand Moca rose, Xiaohongshu passedCategory insight Guide merchants to choose product Focus on infiltrating the core populationA series of actions have helped merchants to achieve three major achievements: the brand search index has increased by 2 times+,the category ranking has increased from the fifth place to the second place, and the sales ranking of Tmall dining kitchenware has increased to the top five, realizing the integration of product and effect.

At Zhangzhou Station, Xiaohongshu shared the latest situation of the sub-categories of flowers and green plants, which not only explained the insights of popular categories such as hydrangea, turtle-backed bamboo, rich tree and gardenia for the on-site merchants, but also revealed the sub-categories of blue ocean such as Millennium wood, spring feather, golden bean, European moon, murraya murraya, Jilihong, Phoebe bournei and bamboo cypress, helping merchants to grasp the industry trends and then adjust their business strategies in a targeted manner.

In Yiwu Station, through detailed and accurate first-line platform data, Xiaohongshu shared the trend of consumer groups in the home improvement industry with brand merchants, and brought hot search keywords to the industry, including household daily use, storage and finishing, home accessories and other household department stores, to help merchants know the latest changes in the subdivision track and help them flexibly adjust the product category distribution.

At Zhongshan Station, the final stop of the "Nesting" plan, Di Fei, the head of Xiaohongshu Commercial Home Daily Hundred Industry, explained the latest competition pattern of lighting marketing to the on-site merchants on the basis of interpreting the consumption trend and crowd insight of the lighting industry. Through the accurate summary of a series of blue ocean subdivision categories such as big street lamps and magnetic rail lamps, more opportunities for subdividing scenes are pointed out for merchants. Among them, in the cooperation case of NVC Lighting, the head lamp brand, the merchants seized the trend of "eye protection" in Xiaohongshu, launched the marketing of eye protection products, completed the development of new scenes and new tracks from large single products to full series, and greatly promoted the growth of node sound volume sales, which fully demonstrated.Xiaohongshu is bothIt is the birthplace of family life trends. , It can also provide credibility for the brand.Decision reference based on , Complete consumption transformation, Realize " marketing "The grass position.

Marketing methodology of xiaohongshu planting grass

Let "explosive copy" "There are traces to follow.

On the basis of real insight and careful judgment on the consumption of grass, Xiaohongshu shared."Five Steps of Planting Grass" and "E-commerce Closed-loop Play"Such as marketing combination boxing, thus helping the new growth of household daily hundred enterprises’ business and realizing reproducible explosive marketing.

The "five-step method of planting grass" is a set of reproducible operational SOPs, which involves many dimensions such as planting grass strategy, crowd insight, content strategy, delivery and acceptance, global measurement and so on.Among them, as far as the daily household industry is concerned, the grass planting strategy mainly includes three strategies: single-item grass planting, matrix grass planting and scene grass planting. The brand needs to choose the appropriate grass planting strategy based on its own business characteristics, and then carry out the subsequent grass planting action.

For example, 2C single products such as atmosphere lights and street lamps belong to the relatively vertical category of goods, and the structure of the goods sold relies on several core main products, and even one main product accounts for a high GMV of the brand throughout the year. Xiaohongshu suggested that the brand adopt it.Single-product grass planting strategyIdentify the core category people and high-risk people, blow up big items, and occupy the category mind. Merchants with a series of scene product matrices, such as eye protection series lamps, should focus on it.Matrix grass planting strategy, to achieve n products in the same category, with the help of B/KFS (product planting and grass combination delivery method), the content will be continuously enlarged, and the category population will be efficiently penetrated. If the brand has a large number of items in all categories, Xiaohongshu suggests that the brand adopt them.sceneGrass planting strategy (IP+KFS) , focusing on "combining products to provide consumers with solutions for scenes and lifestyles", meeting consumers’ concrete needs in corresponding scenes through a set of product combinations, and undertaking various contents of planting grass in scenes through IP topics, so that users can fully browse and find scene solutions suitable for them, and at the same time, continue to enlarge good content with the help of KFS.

After the strategy of planting grass is clear , Through the unique " Crowd inverse funnel model " , Little RedThe book will help businesses find products based on their characteristics. To plant grass in the core population. , Break through the core population with a small budget , Then gradually break the circle to the high dive crowd. , Then it affects pan-people. group , In the end, it will bring growth to the overall business of the merchants, so that the marketing of planting grass can achieve "four or two". Taking the big street lamp as an example, through the crowd anti-funnel model, after helping the merchants to lock in the core demand crowd of "actively conducting category search", Xiaohongshu accurately anchored the "parents crowd of children aged 5-12" as the high-potential crowd of products, thus helping the merchants to continue to tap the potential customers. In order to meet the continuous demand of the merchants, It also provides a "pan-crowd" link for merchants, including "newly married people, pregnant people and novice parents", which helps merchants to achieve continuous generalization and make products from "niche" to "mass".

On the content strategy level, after helping businesses to complete the logical insight of "crowd-demand-scene-trend", Xiaohongshu will also help businesses find the best combination of crowd and content, and at the same time, find suitable bloggers on Dandelion platform to create notes on planting grass to deliver content.

At the level of delivery, Xiaohongshu passedB/ KFS (brand professional number/KOL+FEEDS+SEARCH ) Product grass planting group close put in square styleAccurate coverage of the target user’s decision-making field, combined with the multi-dimensional closed-loop e-commerce products represented by "word of mouth", the effect is very obvious. Brand merchants in the home furnishing industry can effectively combine the brand professional number, information flow and search field in Little Red Book by using the combination strategy of planting grass with B/ KFS products, so as to closely contact potential customers with active search and maximize the expansion of consumers.

After the launch, Xiaohongshu will alsoXiaohongshu e-commerce, Tripartite data alliance, productCard-side dataThe three dimensions can comprehensively measure the effect of planting grass, gather internal and external data to accurately measure the effect of planting grass, and finally realize the marketing of explosive products.

In addition, Xiaohongshu also provides merchants with a variety of e-commerce marketing games, including product notes, blogger cooperation, search operation, merchant self-broadcasting, marketing activities, etc., and through the closed-loop combination of various games of bloggers, brands and users, it gives full play to the marketing efficiency of Xiaohongshu’s notes on planting grass, helping merchants to choose appropriate ways of planting grass based on business characteristics, thus achieving long-term business growth.

With the closing of Zhongshan Station, Little Red Book’s "Nesting" project ended successfully. In the future, Xiaohongshu will continue to empower more businesses in the home segmentation track and work together to achieve long-term business growth.

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