The 7th anniversary of the 2024 Geely Car Buying Festival was officially launched

From June 1st, a series of promotional activities with the theme of "2024 Geely Car Purchase Festival 7th Happy Carnival GO in 7" will be created throughout the month, bringing a bright pet powder event to Geely fans online and offline in an all-round way.

This event will bring Geely, Department, Department, Department, Department, and other leading models to jointly send benefits: 20,000 yuan/16666 yuan large-amount car purchase coupons, IPHONE 15, model haute couture gift boxes, etc.?

Such as 7: cash concessions, trade-in subsidies are soft

It is reported that Geely Automobile in order to give back to the majority of fans, not only brought the 2024 Geely Car Purchase Festival 7 anniversary of the exclusive carnival price from 54,900 yuan and up to 23,000 yuan in cash concessions, but also in response to the national "car trade-in" policy call, on the basis of national policy, manufacturers up the ante subsidy up to 15,000 yuan, such as now trade-in to buy Xingyue L series, models, will enjoy the state subsidy of 7000 yuan and Geely subsidy of 15,000 yuan, a total of 22,000 yuan. Geely Automobile all models have different degrees of replacement subsidies up the ante.

In addition, in order to facilitate users’ "trade-in", Geely Automobile’s national authorized dealers also provide free scrapping policy consultation and vehicle scrapping agency services, truly achieving one-stop car replacement, allowing users to change cars without worry!

In the future, 7:100 + 4.0 image stores will be reinstalled to welcome customers.

We learned that on the occasion of the 2024 Geely Car Purchase Festival, more than 100 4.0 new image stores across the country have been reinstalled and opened, with a new look from decoration style to service concept. The 4.0 exhibition hall is different from the previous Geely Auto exhibition hall. As a user experience center, it is not only a place for users to understand, experience and test drive products, but also a cafe, tea bar, conference room, etc., and will even become a gathering place for every interest club. On the basis of the traditional store exhibition hall, it has added infinite possibilities for user-centered. Of course, the opening ceremony is definitely indispensable for car purchase benefits. On the basis of the headquarters policy, each store will continue to up the ante, which will definitely make users shout "It’s cool!"

7 Wonderful Nights: The three official live broadcast rooms take turns to stage the carnival night

Online, Geely China Star Douyin direct-operated space, Geely Auto Douyin live stream, Geely Auto Tmall flagship store 3 official live stream surprises 7 consecutive, June 6-7, Geely User Care Day joined hands with "Super Geely Friday" to send limited benefits, up to 20,000 yuan exclusive car purchase coupons; June 14-16, the three live broadcast rooms took turns to stage welfare bombardment, mid-year dishes on the table, up to 20,000 yuan exclusive coupons, iPhone15 and other gifts.

In addition, as a mid-year promotion month, Geely Automobile has also arranged a series of interesting and welfare-themed activities such as June 6 User Care Day, Love Test, Dragon Boat Festival, Father’s Day, and Nitrogen Summer for the majority of users. Users who want to buy a car must seize the opportunity to buy a car.