The valuation is 90 billion yuan! Ningbo is among the top 30 "unicorns" in the world.

  Krypton smart factory. 

  On April 18th, Hurun Research Institute released the "2023 Global Unicorn List", which listed the non-listed companies with a value of over US$ 1 billion established after 2000. Among them, ByteDance, SpaceX and Ant Group rank among the top three in the world.

  Ningbo Jikry Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jikry) jumped to the top 30 "unicorns" in the world with an amazing valuation of 90 billion yuan, setting a new record in Ningbo. The valuation of Rongxin Semiconductor rose to 16 billion yuan, ranking 451st, ranking 75th higher than last year.

  Extreme krypton valuation of 90 billion yuan set a new record.

  In fact, it is not surprising that Krypton was promoted to the 30th largest unicorn in the world.

  On June 25, 2021, the global headquarters of Krypton officially settled in Ningbo, and completed a round of strategic financing within the next two months.

  It is jointly funded by Intel Capital, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, Billie Billie, Hongshang Group and Boyu Investment, with the total investment of 500 million US dollars led by Intel Capital, accounting for 5.6% of the total share capital after investment. The post-investment valuation reached 58 billion yuan.

  In 2022, the valuation of Krypton exceeded 60 billion yuan.

  On February 13th, this year, Krypton completed $750 million in Series A financing, with a post-investment valuation of $13 billion. According to the exchange rate at that time, krypton valuation is expected to rush into the top 35 global "unicorns". This round of financing was invested by Professor Amnon Shashua, founder and CEO of Mobileye, a well-known autonomous driving technology company, and five ecological partners, namely Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, Yuexiu Industrial Fund, Trading Fund and Quzhou Xin An Zhi Creation Fund.

  In the past 16 months, Extreme Krypton almost completed the "three-level jump" at an alarming speed-in October 2021, Extreme Krypton 001 rolled off the production line of the Extreme Krypton future factory in Qianwan New District, becoming the first pure electric hunting coupe in Ningbo; On October 11, 2021, the 50,000 th polar krypton 001 was officially launched at the polar krypton future factory in Qianwan New District, Ningbo; In 2022, Krypton exceeded the annual delivery target of 70,000 units.

  As of January 31, 2023, the cumulative delivery volume of polar brands has exceeded 80,000 units, and there are more than 270 offline stores, covering nearly 70 major cities across the country; The national self-built charging network has exceeded 620 stations in 118 cities, covering more than 95% of the cities where the owners are located.

  Krypton not only created the first-year production speed record of new power brands, but also maintained the sales champion of pure electric luxury models with a price of over 300,000 yuan of China brand.

  In November last year and April this year, Extreme Krypton 009 and Extreme Krypton X were released successively, which once again enhanced the influence of Extreme Krypton brand.

  In the future, with the success of IPO, Krypton will most likely add a Fortune 500 listed company with a market value of 200 billion yuan to Ningbo.

  Rongxin Semiconductor ranked 451st with a valuation of 16 billion yuan.

  Rongxin Semiconductor is the only privately-run wafer manufacturing enterprise led by the head industry organization in China, with a current valuation of 16 billion yuan, ranking 451st among the "unicorns" in the world.

  Rongxin Semiconductor, co-founded by "Chip Brother" Yu Renrong and other industrial capital tycoons, is headquartered in Ningbo and has subsidiaries in cities such as Ningbo, Huai ‘an and Beijing.

  In May last year, Ningbo Yongxin Weihao Semiconductor Industry Fund, a special fund for integrated circuits in Ningbo, completed an investment of 850 million yuan for two semiconductor projects in Ningbo, of which Rongxin Semiconductor received 700 million yuan. This is also one of the main reasons for the rising valuation of Rongxin Semiconductor.

  Rongxin Semiconductor is mainly engaged in 12-inch wafer manufacturing and wafer-level packaging testing, and its downstream products are high-performance analog chips such as image sensors, display drivers, power devices, power management and fast flash memory.

  At present, wafer-level packaging of Rongxin semiconductor has been started, and the ultimate goal is to realize the autonomous and controllable manufacturing capability of 12-inch wafers.

  It is worth mentioning that, due to the successful IPO, two Ningbo enterprises that were listed as "unicorns" in the world last year-Yongshi Electronics and Jianshi Technology graduated from "Unicorn College" and were promoted to be listed companies.

  Yongshi Electronics was listed in science and technology innovation board last November, with an intraday market value of 16 billion yuan on April 18, an increase of 30% compared with the time of issuance; Jianshi Technology was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December last year, and its intraday market value was 16.6 billion yuan on April 18, which was about 30% higher than that on the day of IPO. On April 14th, Jianshi Technology -B announced that it planned to issue A shares and list them on science and technology innovation board Stock Exchange.

  In the "unicorn" echelon, Ningbo also has a reserve army with a valuation of over 1 billion yuan, such as Tairuisi Microelectronics, Shuyi Federation of Trade Unions, Lanzhuo Technology and Xiaoling Dog Travel. In the future, they are expected to be on the global "unicorn" list.

  China enterprises account for half of the top 10.

  This year, the number of "unicorns" in the world reached 1,361, an increase of 303 (up 29%) compared with a year ago, and an increase of 867 (up 175%) compared with that before the COVID-19 epidemic began.

  The United States leads with 666 "unicorn" enterprises, 179 more than a year ago, accounting for 49% of the total number of "unicorns" in the world and three times that of the top 203.

  China ranked second with 316 unicorn enterprises, 15 more than a year ago and 50% more than 206 before the epidemic. The number of "unicorns" in China is more than that of the next 15 countries combined.

  India ranked third with 68 "unicorn" enterprises, 14 more than a year ago and three times as many as the top 21. Followed by the United Kingdom, with 49 "unicorn" enterprises, an increase of 10 over a year ago; Germany ranks 5 th with 36 "unicorns"; Israel rose one place and tied with France for sixth place.

  In the past year, 508 new "unicorn" enterprises were born around the world. Among them, the United States has 250 households, followed by China (107). Since the outbreak of the epidemic, 1,323 "unicorn" enterprises have been born in the world, with an average of one added every day. This can be said to be the fastest time to create a "unicorn" enterprise in history.

  Among the top 10 "unicorns" in the world, China has 5 seats-ByteDance is still the most valuable "unicorn" in the world, with a value of 1.38 trillion yuan, but it has dropped by more than 1 trillion yuan compared with a year ago; Ant Group ranks third in the world with a value of 830 billion yuan; Shein, a fast-fashion cross-border e-commerce company headquartered in Guangzhou, has increased its value by 310 billion yuan compared with a year ago and jumped to the fourth place in the world; Tencent’s Weizhong Bank ranks sixth in the world with a value of 230 billion yuan; Ali’s rookie network ranks 10th in the world.

  In addition, Oppo and Vivo are ranked 12th and 13th respectively in the world.