The "artifact" of Chaoda Hot Mom’s walking baby asks the world that M7 can lie down and sleep or sit and play.

In August, the winding Mozigele River flows slowly among the green grass; The colorful glass fields in Guilin are beautiful and shining; In the ancient streets and alleys of the mountain city, fireworks are rising; I jumped out of the lovely "god beast" and went home from campus. As the saying goes, it is better to go to Wan Li Road than to study in thousands of books. This summer vacation, if you want to take your children out by car and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, you can’t do without a reliable and intelligent car. Yes, traveling with a baby is correct.

Enjoy the summer carnival.

A good time to travel should not only be comfortable and happy, but also be at ease. AITO M7 has a wealth of active and passive security configurations, which can easily solve the security problems that parents are most concerned about, and the sense of security is bursting. Its body frame is made of high-strength thermoformed steel with the highest strength of 1,500mpa. It comes standard with 8 airbags. It is designed according to China C-NCAP five-star safety standard, and it is rigid outside and soft inside, providing five-star hard core protection for family members.

At the same time, AITO M7 is also equipped with 13 active safety configurations, including emergency braking assistance system, traction control system, lane departure early warning system, front collision early warning, automatic emergency braking, blind zone detection, rear crossing early warning, door opening early warning, lane keeping assistance, intelligent speed limit assistance, parallel line assistance, body electronic stability system and driver perception system, to help users avoid accidents in advance and protect travel safety in all directions. In addition, on the issue of children’s safety, which is the most concerned about family outings, the front-row height-adjustable pre-tightening force-limiting seat belt and child seat fixing device provided by AITO Jiejie M7 can effectively protect children who can’t sit still for a long time and avoid the impact on safety due to tampering on the highway.

In terms of battery safety, AITO M7 is a leading industry. Its battery pack adopts array firewall structure, and adds air cushion armor protection technology. It has triple special-grade impact and explosion resistance+aviation-grade thermal insulation+extremely fast active cooling, which fully and effectively guarantees battery safety, and monitors and warns battery performance in advance 24 hours in real time, so that bad road conditions and changeable weather will no longer be obstacles to travel.

Enjoy a wonderful holiday trip.

A car with a baby should be smart enough to play with children in addition to safety. AITO World M7 is equipped with HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0, which is known as the ceiling of the car. It is simple, easy to use and smooth. The super desktop function supports opening bilibili or Tik Tok on the mobile phone in the car, and recording and sharing the wonderful moments in the journey by using the camera inside and outside the car. The voice assistant "Xiaoyi" has intelligent four-tone accurate recognition, visual speaking and support for multiple instructions in one sentence, which can realize continuous dialogue for up to 60 seconds and bring a more natural, smooth, fast and accurate voice interaction experience. This is not only beneficial for drivers to concentrate on driving, but also convenient for their family members to operate the car machine for leisure and entertainment applications.

It is particularly worth mentioning that AITO’s M7 technology cockpit can link atmosphere lights to support KTV microphones, game consoles and other equipment. Its rich entertainment applications, including a variety of games, and HUAWEI SOUND? sound, which supports the acoustic design of 19 units, make the time on the journey easy. In particular, the K-song mode, 1.7 million+original original paintings, genuine karaoke MV, wireless microphone 48 ms ear return, ultra-low time delay, professional DSP chip to dynamically optimize human voice, effectively prevent howling, support singing scores, and can sing all the way.

Enjoy the journey and pack it if you want.

Taking a baby for a summer vacation, for those who like to take all their bags home, having a good friend with a big belly can add a "happy" index. AITO M7 has a large body size of 5020mmx1945mmx1775mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm. Through the reasonable layout and targeted optimization of the cockpit space, AITO has realized a spacious and comfortable sitting space for the whole car, especially the space layout design of three rows and six seats, which makes the total space reach 2605mm, and you will not feel tired even if you ride for a long time.

In addition, the AITO world M7 has 14 places and 23 storage spaces, and the accompanying small objects can be arranged in an orderly manner, so as to avoid wasting time by "rummaging around", which is simply the "gospel" of the exquisite treasure mother. The volume of the third row of seats can reach 688 liters after being laid down, and five 24-inch suitcases can be easily loaded, and folding strollers, children’s carts and favorite snacks can also be easily handled.

The summer vacation has arrived, so hurry to drive by AITO to ask M7, take the children to explore the colorful world and harvest happy parent-child time! In addition, consumers who have recently been interested in AITO’s M7 can also take action. It is reported that as of August 31st, 2023, you can enjoy free upgrade of zero-gravity seats and free selection of exterior colors and interior colors of some existing cars by purchasing AITO M7 comfort edition and luxury edition. For details, please consult AITO Authorized Center and AITO Authorized Experience Center.