Time: 09: 30 on July 14, 2020 Source: Shanxi News Network

On July 12th, the Great Wall Gun Off-road pickup truck held a Shanxi regional tasting in Taiyuan, and launched three national six gasoline 8AT models, including an advanced version of 169,800 yuan, a high-end version of 179,800 yuan and a limited edition of 199,800 yuan.

In the first half of 2020, the sales of pickup trucks in Shanxi Province increased steadily, and Taiyuan, the provincial capital, has also relaxed the restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city. With millions of off-road equipment, the Great Wall Cannon off-road pickup truck will help Shanxi consumers enjoy the life of full-scene pickup trucks and open a new chapter in Shanxi’s Chinese off-road pickup truck culture.

Strong product performance, enjoy the ultimate off-road

Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck has strong performance and superior strength. In the 2020 Everest elevation survey mission, the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck, as the official working vehicle of the media, used a hard-core off-road skill to cut through difficulties, and opened the way for media workers with the true nature of all-terrain off-road pickup truck. Highlight the spiritual connotation of the Great Wall Gun and successfully complete the escort task.

At this tasting meeting, facing the professional off-road field, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck showed its talents with more than ten off-road configurations with fever level equipped by China pickup truck for the first time. In the face of difficult and dangerous road conditions, hard-core configurations such as seven driving modes, three locks and Bailuchi KO2 all-terrain tires make off-road easier; In the wading section up to half a meter deep, the deep-water throat equipped by the original factory makes the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck fearless, jump in easily and cross smoothly.

In the face of the 100-meter-fast acceleration of the sandy road section, as long as the off-road expert mode of the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is enabled, most of the electronic control systems are turned off by pressing the ESP off button, and only the ABS brakes are kept for anti-lock, you can enjoy the ultimate off-road fun.

And the double peaks and the big hump are just suitable for the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck to stage a good show. When facing a steep slope, the driver can turn on the creep mode, and he can climb over the soil slope step by step only by controlling the steering wheel without controlling the throttle and brake. When going downhill, the driver can also turn on the steep slope descent function, and the system actively controls the braking of the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle leaves safely at a constant speed.

In the road test drive, the Great Wall Gun cross-country pickup truck runs through the banks of Fenhe River. The red and black car body and the front face with blackened LED headlights have great visual impact. Its interior is wrapped in soft materials, and the multi-functional leather steering wheel and multi-directional electric adjustable and heated leather seats further enhance the driving comfort. At the same time, the 9-inch central control high-definition large-screen pre-installed Android 8.0 system and other configurations have enhanced the sense of technology of the vehicle. In addition, the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck has the latest generation of 9.3 ESP, 360 look around system, lane departure warning, ACC adaptive cruise and other configurations, and uses technology to ensure users’ driving safety.

Four-fold ceremony+four-dimensional upgrade to create a new service standard for pickup truck industry

With its strong product strength and affordable price, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck provides Shanxi consumers with a new hard-core car purchase option and brings a four-fold warm-hearted car purchase gift.

From now on, consumers can enjoy four gifts when buying cars through the official flagship store of Great Wall Motor Tmall/JD.COM and the dealers of Great Wall pickup brand:

Financial gift: customers who buy cars before July 31, 2020 can enjoy a three-year zero-interest financial policy (except those who enjoy car subsidies in Chongqing);

Replacement ceremony: 5,000 yuan high replacement subsidy.

Interconnection ceremony: basic services are free for life, entertainment services are free for 3 years and exclusive services are free for 1 year.

Service Gift: The engine/transmission warranty is extended from 3 years or 60,000 kilometers to 4 years or 100,000 kilometers.

At the same time, Great Wall Gun has also carried out a "four-dimensional upgrade" to the after-sales service of pickup trucks, which is comparable to luxury cars in service and creates a new service standard for pickup trucks.

Warranty upgrade-The warranty of the Great Wall Gun is upgraded to 4 years or 100,000 kilometers, reaching the leading level in the industry.

Standard upgrade-24-hour rescue service, 30-minute response to standard, 45-minute basic maintenance. Customer first, efficiency first.

Care and upgrade —— Warmly remind users of the whole vehicle inspection service before the warranty expires, and the service of upgrading and replacing CN95 air conditioner filter for free within a limited time.

Integrity commitment-adhering to the concept of integrity service, resolutely implementing maintenance pre-inspection will never exaggerate, maintenance items will never increase privately, maintenance costs will never be falsely reported, official accessories will never increase prices, and official concessions will never be concealed.

In June, Great Wall pickup trucks sold 26,680 vehicles worldwide, a year-on-year increase of 272.3%; From January to June, the global sales totaled 95,854 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 47.7%. The domestic pickup truck market share is nearly 50%, that is, for every two pickup trucks sold in China, one comes from the Great Wall. At present, the Great Wall pickup truck has been the first in domestic and export sales for 22 consecutive years, and the global cumulative sales volume has exceeded 1.7 million.

The new Great Wall Gun has been in short supply since it went on the market. In the past June, the Great Wall Gun achieved a new high, with a sales volume of 15,003 vehicles, and continued to be the champion of the pickup truck market. From China cannon to global cannon, Great Wall pickup truck will take global research and development, global manufacturing and global sharing as the standards, accelerate the globalization process in an all-round way, and compete with the international mainstream pickup truck brands on the same stage, making it the top three in the world. Create an amazing experience for users around the world and make the Great Wall Gun popular all over the world!