What’s the charm of Tiggo 8? It’s worth buying an independent medium-sized suv.

Ride comfort is also a key concern when people buy a car, and the difference between different models is actually quite big. I’ll arrange it for you by the way today. Let’s take you to appreciate its style.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of Tiggo 8 first. The front face of Tiggo 8 has taken a fashionable and generous route as a whole, and the mesh model uses a dot matrix design, which looks very cute. Combined with clean headlights, the grade of the whole vehicle is improved. The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, delayed shutdown and so on. Come to the side of the car, the car body size is 4700MM*1860MM*1746MM, the car uses young lines, the side gives people a very young and fashionable feeling, with large-size thick-walled tires, eye-catching shape. Looking back, the rear of the car looks very elegant, and the taillights give people a very dignified feeling. Together with the bilateral single-row exhaust pipes, the overall look is very deep.

Sitting in the car, the interior style is very fashionable, and the overall design atmosphere is still in place. The steering wheel of the car is very in line with the interior style, equipped with the functions of manual steering wheel up and down+front and rear adjustment, and the visual effect is good. Let’s take a look at the central control. The car is equipped with a touch-sensitive LCD central control screen, which makes the interior style impressive and looks quite solid. Finally, let’s look at the dashboard and seats. The car is equipped with a personalized dashboard, and the sports atmosphere is relatively in place. The car uses a leather-like seat, equipped with functions such as seat proportion down, and it is basically enough for daily use.

Tiggo 8 is matched with a wet dual clutch (DCT) gearbox, with a maximum power of 115KW and a maximum torque of 230N.m, and its power performance is good.

It is still no problem to put two luggage bags in the trunk of Tiggo 8, and the rear seat can’t be put down, which is a pity. At the same time, the car is equipped with fatigue warning, anti-lock braking (ABS), LED daytime running lights, brake assist (EBA/BAS, etc.), braking force distribution (EBD) main driver airbag, co-pilot airbag and other safety configurations.

Do you have the urge to buy a car after reading the whole article? Let me make a summary. The moderate size of the car is a very suitable choice for many families, and the internal space is enough for daily use in families.