Hengchi 5 real car to the store, 150,000 yuan high configuration, high value pure electric SUV and these options

Hengchi 5 has always attracted attention from the exposure of spy photos to the debut of the new car. It has also done several inventories for the car "One Circle of Cars" before. Recently, we learned from the end point channel that some areas of the Hengchi 5 exhibition car have arrived at the store one after another. From the real car picture, the car is highly consistent with the previous road test spy photos and will be officially mass-produced on June 22. For friends who want to buy pure electric SUV circles, in addition to Hengchi 5, like Nezha U Pro, AION Y, and Scenic E3 are also worthy of attention. Let’s find out with Brother Circle!

Hengchi 5: Interior Technology Deluxe

According to the information previously disclosed, Hengchi 5 is a compact pure electric SUV, and the future price is expected to be in the range of 15-240,000 yuan. In terms of appearance design, Hengchi 5 adopts the closed front face design common to pure electric vehicles. In order to dissipate heat from the motor, the front bumper is also equipped with an active closed grille design. The two-color body also makes Hengchi 5 look more sporty. It is understood that Hengchi 5 also provides a variety of body colors to meet the aesthetic preferences of different consumers.

In terms of body size, the Hengchi 5 has a length, width and height of 4725/1925/1676 mm respectively, and a wheelbase of 2780 mm, which makes it an excellent space performance in compact SUVs. In addition, the Hengchi 5 adopts a wrapping central control design and uses imitation suede material on the roof, creating a good sense of high-end. At the same time, the micro-curved triple screen shape is very technological, and the 14.6-inch central control screen also integrates the "Guanshan Sea" car system, which is more convenient to use. In terms of power, the Hengchi 5 motor has a maximum power of 150 kilowatts (204 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 345 Nm. The official zero-hundred acceleration time is 7.8 seconds, and the CLTC comprehensive battery life is 602 kilometers.

Nezha U Pro: Strong price competitiveness

As a member of the new styling forces, Nezha’s models have achieved good results in various market segments with good cost performance. Of course, Nezha U Pro is no exception. According to "Car Circle", Nezha U Pro starts at only 105,800 yuan, and the price is highly competitive. In terms of design, Nezha U Pro is fashionable and young, with 7-shaped daytime running lights, supplemented by blackened trims, and the front face is full of futuristic feeling. Although the low price positioning is also a compact SUV, the wheelbase of Nezha U Pro has reached 2770 mm, which is even longer than many joint venture medium-sized SUVs. There is no need to worry about space.

In the interior, Nezha U Pro is elegant and simple, and adopts the popular dual-screen design. In terms of configuration, Nezha U Pro is equipped with tire pressure display, constant speed cruise, driving mode switching, remote start, driving keyless start, 8-inch central control screen, vehicle to everything and other practical functions. If the requirements are not high, it is enough to buy the entry-level version. In terms of power battery life, Nezha U Pro’s main model is equipped with a 120-kilowatt drive motor, and the cheapest entry-level model has a pure electric range of 400 kilometers. If you are more concerned about battery life, you can buy the 2021 Pro 500 moon version model with a battery life of 500 kilometers for 147,800 yuan.

AION Y: Rich in technology configuration

The performance of AION Y in the market segment is very prominent, and it has harvested over 30,000 sales in 2021 alone. The appearance is what Brother Circle thinks is the most successful part of AION Y. The car is based on the design concept of super dimension, both the details and the whole look very fashionable, which can attract young consumers. In addition, AION Y pricing is also quite close to the people. It is very cost-effective to buy a pure electric compact SUV with a wheelbase of 2750 mm at a starting price of 129,600 yuan.

The AION Y center console adopts a rich color combination, and the upper and lower light color scheme visual effect is refreshing. And bright color elements are added to the details of the air conditioner trend, central control trim, steering wheel and other details to create a young and fashionable feeling. Due to cost reasons, it is generally difficult for pure electric models at this price to have rich configurations, but the AION Y is different, such as: keyless start, 360-degree panoramic image, 10.25-inch LCD instrument, 14.6-inch central control screen, CarLife and other technology configurations are all standard. If you value the endurance, circle brother recommended the price of 149,600 yuan 2022 70 intelligent driving version model, the car mileage reached 500 kilometers, 135 kW drive motor can also provide abundant power.

Scenic E3: The cruising range exceeds 400 kilometers

The scenery E3 continues the latest family-style design of the scenery, you can see a lot of familiar elements, such as the banner-style big mouth net, round body shape, round headlights and other details are very similar to the scenery 500, although not fashionable, but in line with the public aesthetic design will not go wrong, can also cover consumers of all ages. In addition, the scenery E3 wheelbase is 2655 mm, using a 5-seat layout, to meet the family travel is completely enough. In addition, the scenery E3 starting price is 129,800 yuan, 149,800 yuan can buy the top model, the price is also real.

The interior design is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Scenic E3. When you open the door, first of all, the 8.8-inch central control screen comes into sight. The encircling dynamic cockpit cooperates with dark interior and turbofan air conditioning to create a trend, creating a technologically avant-garde interior atmosphere. In addition, the Scenic E3 interior also uses a lot of soft materials to cover the central control and adds blue stitches. Not only the materials are used, but the texture is also good. In the power part, the Scenic E3 is equipped with a 120 kW (163 horsepower) drive motor, supports fast charging mode, and has a comprehensive cruising range of up to 405 kilometers. The whole vehicle also provides a long-term quality assurance of 7 years or 150,000 kilometers, which is more reassuring for later use.

The pure electric SUV selected in this "Car Circle" is a model that can be bought within 150,000 yuan. Specifically, Hengchi 5 has stronger interior technology and luxury. The 2780mm wheelbase is also the longest among the four cars, and the riding space is more guaranteed. Nezha U Pro and AION Y are more fashionable and sporty in overall design, and rich technology configuration can also meet the needs of young consumers. Scenic E3 style is more sophisticated and atmospheric. With a pure electric battery life of more than 400 kilometers, it is very cost-effective to buy a top model for less than 150,000 yuan. What kind of pure electric SUV will you choose, dear circle friends? Welcome to leave a message to discuss.