The "315" exam was announced, and Duo Yanshou won four awards, and her quality and integrity won market recognition.

On the "March 15th" International Consumer Rights Day in 2024, China Quality Inspection Association commended a number of outstanding enterprises that emphasized quality and integrity. Among them, Duo Yanshou, a well-known brand in the field of slimming food, successfully passed the "Grand Examination" by virtue of its excellent product quality and honest business philosophy, and won four awards: National Quality Inspection and Credit Guarantee Product, National Product and Service Quality Integrity Brand, National Leading Enterprise in Big Health Industry and National Product and Service Quality Integrity Demonstration Enterprise.

As a star brand of Bafiba Group, Duoyanshou has been committed to providing consumers with healthy and scientific slimming products. In the highly competitive health food market, Duo Yanshou has won wide recognition in the market with her strict control of product quality and in-depth insight into consumer demand.

As early as 2019, Duo Yanshou focused on the construction of global raw material supply channels to ensure high quality from raw materials to products. This move not only enhances the core competitiveness of products, but also brings consumers a safer and more effective slimming experience. In 2021, Duo Yanshou jointly established the Quality Management Research Institute with four authoritative organizations, such as SGS, Guangzhou Huace, Microspectrum, and Zhongguangce, and launched the "TICQ Quadruple Quality Control System", which further improved the quality control level of products.

The brand has always adhered to product quality and service, firmly adhered to the red line of product quality, adhered to the full inspection of raw materials, and strictly adhered to product quality from raw materials, production and logistics. This persistent pursuit of quality not only won the trust of consumers, but also laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Duoyan Thin in the market.

It’s no accident that Duo Yan was thin. As an innovative Internet brand, Duo Yanshou always pays attention to market changes and consumer demand, and constantly innovates products to meet the needs of various people for healthy posture. It is this spirit of continuous progress and pursuit of Excellence that makes Duo Yanshou achieve great success in promoting healthy and scientific slimming methods to users with her strong scientific and technological upgrading ability under the unfavorable overall environment. This not only reflects Duo Yanshou’s keen insight and innovative ability to the market, but also highlights his responsibility and responsibility as an industry leader.

Winning the "315" four awards this time is not only an affirmation of Duo Yan’s past efforts, but also an expectation for her future development. Looking forward to the future, Duo Yanshou and its BFB Group will continue to adhere to product quality and service, continue to innovate, and further deepen the big health industry on the basis of the cutting-edge technology of synthetic biology. Through continuous technical research and development and product innovation, Duoyan Slim will bring more healthy and scientific slimming products to consumers and contribute more to the brand power.

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