Mianyang Xingyue L’s price reduction is coming, and the latest offer is 122,200! limited in number

[car home Mianyang Preferential Promotion Channel] Recently, it has brought good news to consumers. Changan Automobile’s luxury SUV is carrying out a considerable preferential activity in Mianyang. Car buyers can now seize the opportunity to enjoy a cash discount of up to 15,000 yuan, and the minimum starting price has dropped to 122,200 yuan. Friends who want to know more details and get better car purchase conditions must click the "Check Car Price" button in the quotation form and let the professional team help you realize your car purchase wish.


Xingyue L adopts the design concept of modern simplicity and luxury. The front face design is unique, and the striking family-style air intake grille is like a sharp blade, showing strength and sense of technology. The body lines are smooth, and the overall style is stable, which combines dynamics and elegance, showing the taste of urban elites. The details show exquisite craftsmanship, which makes Xingyue L stand out among many models.


The body size of Xingyue L is 4770mm x 1895mm x 1689mm, and the wheelbase is 2845mm, which gives spacious interior space and comfortable riding experience. The side lines of the car body are smooth, elegant without losing the sense of strength, which highlights the designer’s unique ingenuity. The front and rear tyre size are both 235/50 R19, and the choice of tires not only ensures the driving stability, but also complements the proportion of the car body. The rim style further enhances the visual impact of the vehicle, showing the exquisiteness and dynamics of Xingyue L.


The interior design of Xingyue L is exquisite and full of technology, and the spacious interior space reflects the luxurious atmosphere. The center console is equipped with a 12.3-inch large-size touch screen, with clear interface and convenient operation. It supports voice recognition control and is convenient for drivers to easily operate multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning during driving. The steering wheel is made of leather, which provides a good grip and has the function of manual up and down+front and rear adjustment to ensure the driver’s comfort. The seat is made of imitation leather, and the main and passenger seats support multi-directional adjustment, including front and rear, backrest, height and lumbar support. The driver’s seat is additionally equipped with heating and ventilation functions, while the memory function of the electric seat provides personalized comfort for the driver. The second row of seats also supports backrest adjustment, while the rear seats support proportional reclining to meet various loading requirements. Generally speaking, the interior design of Xingyue L aims to provide a high-quality ride experience.


Xingyue L is equipped with a powerful 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 160 kW and a maximum torque of 325 Nm, which can provide 218 horsepower. With the 7-speed wet powershift, this model has excellent driving performance and meets the driver’s dual requirements for power and ride comfort.

To sum up, Xingyue L has won the favor of consumers with its body lines and fashionable black appearance appreciated by car home car owners. The taillights running through the rear of the car have become the finishing touch of its unique charm, which undoubtedly increases the driver’s pride. Such design details and overall style undoubtedly make Xingyue L stand out among many models and become an ideal choice for consumers who pay attention to taste and personality expression.