Three sets of running methods (detailed explanation): In fact, running is the simplest and most effective way of exercise, and it is really not complicated at all.

????After the video of "Running Three Routines" appeared in the last issue, I have been worried that I am too simple to write rhyming poems, and it will be difficult to understand. So put it here, if you don’t understand the content in the video very well, look here ~

Because many brothers and sisters who haven’t exercised much start running at first, they are not familiar with the length and distance of running, and they are not familiar with the feeling of running, which will easily lead to fatigue or loss of freshness.

Even because of the high body fat, it is difficult to hold your head high and abdomen in daily life.

Go running at first, the distance you want to run. And because I don’t know how to master this speed, I may be tired to death after running for 1km.

Therefore, our initial expectation should not be to finish the race completely. We just have to think about it.

Never walk slowly as usual, not like walking. Fast, the degree of.

Think of walking as a real sport.

I suggest (1, 2km walking is not much exercise, but this is what I think, everyone should adjust according to their own abilities ~).

Jogging first, you can breathe smoothly, and then you feel a little unable to run, and then you can’t hold on for a while.

Let’s go, not as long as you want, but after you take a few deep breaths.

Then switch between walking and running, and then stick to 3km, and you will find that 3km is actually easy to stick to.

You can’t run too slowly, just at your level, and then you can sweat. If your body doesn’t show any signs of fever and sweating, you are fully capable of running faster.

When walking, pay attention to your breathing all the time, take a deep breath rhythmically, adjust your breathing, and continue running if you feel that your breathing is not spicy.

Then as your running ability improves, of course, it will take at least a week. Then adjust the number of breaths according to your acceptable level.

If you can.

Then, until you can run 3km in the whole process, this process can actually be done for your brothers and sisters in about one month, and the relaxed exercise method can be done in two months.

The second routine is the routine of brothers and sisters who want to run to the seniors.

If you can run 3km, believe me, whether you want to run 5km in one breath or run 5km while walking according to the routine, you can easily unlock the 5km map.

But …

First of all, the average runner is faster for more than 40 minutes and slower for more than an hour, and we have just started to contact the 10km small white runner. First of all, I will feel bored in the process of running, and then I don’t have enough endurance. I feel that 10km is far away.

Therefore, we should run an extra 5km, 3 or 4 times a week, and run for 5 km for 2, 3 or 4 months in a row. It is best to correct him when he has difficulty breathing.

Advanced 10km In fact, if you run regularly and insist on 5km for several months, whether you can challenge depends entirely on your perseverance, because at this time, it is very painful to be afraid of being tired and running.

What I want to say here is that it is absolutely painful!

But you have to understand that you can actually choose not to run 10km. You want to challenge 10km, and that’s what you want to do. It’s a challenge in itself. What challenge is painless?

No ~ it’s very blue (men’s soccer,/laughs)

This is actually a story, which is my first time to challenge 10km.

At that time, we were the sports club selection personnel to participate in the competition outside, so we needed to test the ability of 10km. At that time, I never ran 10km, but our club captain always told us that it was okay. You all ran 5km for 2 or 3 months, and you could have run 10 km long ago, but you were afraid that you couldn’t get through this hurdle.

So at that time, a group of freshmen and sophomores were running, and then the seniors and seniors in junior and senior years were waiting with water and chocolates, cheering us up and handing us water.

The biggest feeling of running 10km for the first time is how endless it is, why it has not been finished for so long, and it is boring to put it bluntly, but.

After running for the first time, I felt that my soul was gone, and I felt a word, tired. This kind of fatigue is not a physical test of 800, but a whole-hearted fatigue. After running for a long time, my brain felt bored and tired, my leg muscles trembled and I sweated a lot. But really, I wanted to send a QQ space (WeChat was not popular at that time) and said!

This kind of satisfaction is the satisfaction obtained after suffering and will never be forgotten in my life.

After a 10km run, we all felt that feeling, and we can bear it ourselves. Then the second and third time, when you run again, there is not much pressure in your heart, because you know that you have nothing to do after running 10km, just walk around.

After you run many times, you will find that running 10km is just a daily routine …

Of course, it’s super easy to allocate from 9 to 7 and 8, as long as it’s easy to get up.

But the hard part is to further allocate 6, 5 or even 4. However, the little friends who generally want to challenge faster basically have a running foundation, and we can feel the feeling of biting our teeth, so since we want to break through ourselves, we must know!

The easiest way to speed up. But intermittent running is really super, super tired!

We can use it. Of course, some great gods I know who challenge the marathon all sprint for 1km and jog for 1km (this jogging, you know /dog), and then we constantly build our muscle strength and constantly break through ourselves.

Especially when sprinting 400 meters in each round, it is absolutely, how to come as soon as possible, just take it as a physical test and run, absolutely sour!

If you can. Then rush 400m, slow 200m, rush 400 m … This cycle, run for 3 or 5 kilometers. You will feel what is the ultimate sour!

Ha ha ha ha, I won’t say anything to insist on, because everyone is ready to speed up, and they must all come with the strongest perseverance. The only thing I can say is: Come on!

There is nothing to explain this, literally, hahahahahaha.

Because running, you will always meet people who are faster than you. At this time, you want to be faster, faster, faster and faster, forever!

However, I think many friends may not be very keen on running and will not regard it as a practical hobby. Therefore, it is not necessary for us to run too far and too fast in daily fitness, fat reduction and aerobic exercise. We will continue to run at this speed until we are 80 years old, just to keep fit!

But if you want to challenge faster and stronger, brothers and sisters who want to challenge the marathon or something, you should suffer this hardship and fatigue, or you have to suffer it!

Write at the end:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, there is nothing good in the end. In fact, the most important thing for everyone is to be happy, to feel great, not to be anxious, but to take your time ~ love you!

Come on! ! ! !

Wu’s head is empty.

It was written on a Friday morning when I should be doing scientific research, but I touched the fish and wrote this detailed explanation.