A new generation of Chinese creative model is released: a novel with ten thousand words can be generated with one click!

oneOn September 29th, APUS and its strategic partner Waveform Intelligence officially released a new generation of Chinese creative model jointly developed, and upgraded and iterated APUS "Firefly Novel" products.

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It is understood that this model is the first large-scale language model specially developed for content creation, and it has defeated GPT and other general large-scale language models on benchmark such as novel writing, marketing copy writing, short video script writing and paper writing.

Constructing a new generation of Chinese creative model suitable for multiple application scenarios

In the training and research and development of this model, based on the powerful talent team, self-developed RecurrentGPT long text generation technology and Agents framework, the ability of the underlying model and basic framework is constantly polished, and the core barrier of a new generation of Chinese creative model is constructed.

Specifically, the model focuses on the ability of writing, forming six core competitiveness: first, a deeper and broader creative vertical domain; Second, a more natural and true writing style; Third, stronger ability to generate long texts; Fourth, faster generation speed; Fifth, native support function calling; Sixth, the native support personalized knowledge base.

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At present, the new generation vertical domain model of Chinese creation can provide four different models: Mini(1.8B), Base (6B), Pro (14B) and Ultra (34B), which are suitable for diverse application scenarios.

This also means that APUS’s exploration of large models has taken the lead from the stage of technology research and development to the stage of application and industry layout.

Firefly novels are renewed and upgraded from the bottom to the application layer.

The new generation of Chinese creation model jointly developed this time further empowers APUS’s own product, firefly novels, and enhances the sophistication and professionalism of APUS in Chinese content creation. Its native support for personalized knowledge base, trained by self-developed vector database, significantly improved the utilization rate of content recall by 50%, and used RAG+ imitation writing technology for the first time to make AI realize the personalized interactive experience of "the more you write, the better you understand".

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At the same time, "Firefly Novel", a writing assistant tool, has completed an all-round upgrade from the bottom to the application layer with the help of a new generation of Chinese creative model.

Nowadays, "Firefly Novel" has become a cutting-edge tool that combines efficient creation, personalized customization and infinite writing, especially in the generation effect of writing vertical domain, which is better than the equivalent products of ChatGPT and ERNIE Bot. By accessing the powerful API interface of the new generation of Chinese creative large models, the tool can dynamically schedule different models of large models according to the needs of users, effectively deal with various complex creative tasks, and ensure the balance between response speed and calculation cost.

The future can be expected, APUS we will continue to forge ahead.

APUSThe achievements in the field of large models are far more than that. It is accelerating the digital intelligence upgrade of multi-industry scenarios, gradually realizing mature applications in the fields of smart e-commerce, smart network information and smart medical care, and actively building a healthy industrial ecology.

At present, APUS has been deeply applied in many fields, such as intelligent creation, intelligent diagnosis and treatment, rumor dispelling, intelligent business shooting, intelligent official documents, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent marketing, intelligent education, etc., to help the industry broaden its business boundaries and improve its productivity and management efficiency.

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Generally speaking, APUS continues to lead the development of cutting-edge technology by building a strong and stable large-scale model infrastructure and working closely with top international scientific research teams, and has achieved substantial results and been widely used in many vertical fields, fully demonstrating its strong competitiveness and outstanding technological innovation ability on the global AI track.

With the release of a new generation of Chinese creative model and the upgrade iteration of "firefly novel" products, APUS will undoubtedly further consolidate its leading role in the field of big model and content creation, constantly promote the progress of AI technology and make AI applications easier.



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