Looking forward to U7′ s appearance at Beijing Auto Show, the revolutionary technology Yunnian -Z officially appeared.

Recently, the auto show is in full swing, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign brands to participate, and there is no exception. As a million-level high-end luxury brand, it has attracted most attention. At the Beijing Auto Show, looking forward to all the exhibitors, not only ushered in the official listing of the cross-country player version, but also the long-awaited official appearance, which became the focus of attention. Looking up to U7 as a flagship car with millions of new energy sources, it is naturally quite extraordinary, bringing revolutionary suspension technology-Yunqi -Z, which will change today’s technical pattern.

As a revolutionary suspension technology, Yunqi -Z is different from the traditional suspension in detail. It replaces the traditional hydraulic shock absorber suspension with a suspension motor, and enters the "electric" era from the "oil" era, making Wangwang U7 a more pure "tram". The emergence of Yunqi -Z represents BYD’s new breakthrough in the field of electrification, making BYD the only car company in the world to realize full electrification in vertical and horizontal control.

Yunqi -Z is not only revolutionary in technology, but also revolutionary in experience. With the support of the suspension motor, Yunqi -Z has the adjustment speed completely exceeding the traditional suspension, and the response speed is as fast as 10ms. It can quickly adjust its posture on various complicated roads, bringing passengers a comfortable experience like a maglev train. At the same time, Yunqi -Z can further recover energy and directly charge the battery, so that looking up to U7 can have a longer battery life, which is worth looking forward to.

Looking up at U7 is not only blessed by Yunnian -Z, but also extremely luxurious in all aspects. It is reported that the drag coefficient of Yunqi -Z is only 0.195 under the test standard of 120km/h, which is the lowest drag coefficient production car in the world. It won the C-STAA model in 2023, with 1,300 horsepower and 2.9s seconds of acceleration, the highest speed is 270km/h, and its performance strength is also unique in the world. At the same time, it will be equipped with high-performance carbon ceramic brake discs as standard, with a braking distance of 33 meters per 100 kilometers, and an extremely luxurious and wide rear row space, which is a good interpretation of the name of a million-class new energy flagship car.

BYD has always believed that safety is the greatest luxury. Looking up to U7, it also has the easy-to-square technology, which can realize millisecond wheel-end response and accurate four-wheel torque distribution, and fully ensure safety in actual driving. In BYD’s official test, it shows that U7 is reliable enough to climb the Yabuli ice and snow platform with snow tires. In addition, Wangwang U7 has a "Eye of God" advanced intelligent driving assistance system, which is equipped with three laser radars, five millimeter-wave radars and 13 cameras. With sufficient computing power, it brings top-level active safety capability.

There are many new technologies and models at the Beijing Auto Show, but looking up at U7 and its Yunqi -Z is undoubtedly the most noteworthy and revolutionary product. Looking forward to U7 represents another impact of BYD on joint-venture fuel vehicles in the million-dollar high-end market, and it is believed that it will accelerate the comprehensive oil-to-electricity conversion in the market, while Yunqi -Z is a breakthrough in BYD’s electrification technology, and the experience is worth looking forward to. It is reported that looking forward to the official listing of U7 in the second half of this year, let us wait and see.