Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris enhances happiness, cost-effective.

Who says power is the only criterion for choosing a car? In fact, the quality of a car should be judged by its comprehensive performance. Many car owners often complain that the fuel consumption of their cars is too high or the battery life is too poor. It can be seen that this problem is really a big problem, and everyone is very concerned about it in this respect. Next, let’s see if its highlights can attract you with Xiaobian.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris. The whole front of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris looks simple and lovely. Coupled with young and fashionable headlights, the details are exquisite. The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, automatic opening and closing, adaptive far and near light, automatic steering, delayed closing and so on. Coming to the side of the car body, the size of the car body is 4781 mm * 1920 mm * 1671 mm. The car adopts unique lines, and the side wall feels very round and lovely. With large-sized thick-walled tires, the overall visual effect is very calm. In the rear part, the rear line of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is cool, the taillight style is hard-core, and the overall look is very angular.

When I arrived in the car of Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris, the interior design of Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris was sharp and the visual effect was very good. The steering wheel of the car is very stable in shape, equipped with the functions of manual steering wheel up and down+front and rear adjustment, etc., and its practicality and face value are not bad. Let’s take a look at the central control, with a 12.3-inch touch-sensitive LCD central control screen, which makes the interior design quite layered and looks very young. Let Xiaobian introduce the dashboard and seats. The dashboard of this car presents an eye-catching design style, which is very deep. The car uses leather seats, equipped with auxiliary seat electric adjustment, seat with memory electric adjustment, seat proportion down and other functions, and the overall comfort is acceptable.

Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris Matching Automatic (AT) gearbox, with maximum power of 192KW and maximum torque of 400N.m, has good power performance.

The performance of the trunk space of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is relatively good, the opening size is in line with the positioning of its family car, and the storage needs of the whole family can be met. At the same time, the car is equipped with fatigue warning, anti-lock braking (ABS), LED daytime running lights, brake assist (EBA/BAS, etc.), brake force distribution (EBD) main driver airbag, co-pilot airbag, knee airbag, side airbag curtain, front side airbag and other safety configurations.

Many people buy SUVs because of their stronger passability. The car is practical and fully equipped, and it is a good helper for home travel. If you plan to buy a car and the budget is not particularly adequate, this model is worth considering.