The new M7 in Wenjie ushered in a heavy OTA upgrade, and the NCA pilot in the urban area was fully pushed.

   [Tianji. com IT News Channel]In today’s market environment, the SUV market of 250,000-300,000 yuan can be described as one of the markets with fierce competition, high frequency of iterative evolution and strong consumer demand. Among them, with Huawei’s deep empowerment, Wenjie New M7 has accumulated sales of more than 150,000 vehicles and continues to lead the new forces. Recently, the new M7 has ushered in a brand-new heavy OTA. This upgrade focuses on intelligent driving, parking convenience, intelligent safety and other aspects, further highlighting the advantages of intelligence.

    Intelligent driving is upgraded in all dimensions, and the whole country can drive if there is a road.

    Since its listing, the new M7 in the world has been relying on HUAWEI&ensp, which took the lead in entering the era of "driving without plans"; ADS  2.0 advanced intelligent driving system is highly praised by users. Nowadays, the navigation assistance system of most new cars is still highly dependent on high-precision maps. On the other hand, the new M7 has already taken the lead in realizing intelligent navigation assistance without relying on high-precision maps on high-speed and urban expressways. With this OTA upgrade, the new M7 in Wenjie has taken the lead in realizing the nationwide intelligent driving navigation assistance (City  NCA)。 Whether it is expressways, urban expressways, or urban roads in large and small cities or even towns, the new M7 can easily face it.

    After this all-dimensional upgrade, the intelligent driving system of the new M7 in Wenjie can not only make a decisive decision like an "old driver" in urban areas, automatically avoid special obstacles on the road, and actively yield to pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, but also add functions such as actively slowing down before entering the high-speed toll station in intelligent driving mode and activating NCA to automatically match the road speed limit, which not only makes it easier for users to change from urban to high-speed and high-speed to urban areas; It also makes users feel more at ease in the process of intelligent driving, without always paying attention to the change of road speed limit, and the overall experience is safer, more efficient and more calm.

    It is worth mentioning that at present, many car companies like to talk about "no map", but in fact it belongs to the category of relying on "light map". Most car companies currently replace traditional map elements through deep learning, which is actually an offline map. And the new M7 is a fusion BEV(Bird  Eye  View) network and RCR(Road  Cognition  &  Reasoning (Road Topology Reasoning Network) converts the traditional perception mode of automatic driving 2D image perspective plus ranging into 3D perception from the perspective of bird’s-eye view, and generates it in real time through the road topology reasoning network, which realizes the matching between navigation map and real road, and enables the car to understand complex road conditions "autonomously", thus truly achieving "far away *" intelligent driving without map.

    Huawei’s technology is deeply empowered, and the smart driving is getting better and better.

    The * strength of the map-free intelligent driving level comes from the all-round empowerment of Huawei technology. Specifically, the new M7 in Wenjie adopts a multi-sensor fusion sensing scheme based on lidar. Compared with the "pure vision scheme" of some brands, the new M7 in Wenjie can still handle all kinds of complex scenes in extreme scenes of bad weather and insufficient light, thus realizing high-order intelligent driving in almost all weather.

    In addition, the interactive game algorithm pioneered by Huawei in the industry makes HUAWEI  ADS  2.0 can solve more than 70% of the interactive scene takeover problem and shorten the transit time by 40%. At the same time, through AI blessing and simulation test of 12 million +km per day, HUAWEI&ensp is realized; ADS  2.0 continuous learning and optimization, so that vehicles travel more smoothly and naturally. Moreover, this system can continuously learn the driver’s driving habits and styles, effectively improve the traffic efficiency in the intelligent driving mode, and truly achieve the better driving.

    The intelligent experience is continuously upgraded, and the comfortable experience is optimized.

    For high-frequency car scenes such as parking, HUAWEI  ADS  2.0 upgraded the parking service Assist (AVP) function, making parking easier and more convenient than ever. Only one complete parking entrance is needed, and the new M7 can automatically remember the location information of all parking spaces. When the vehicle enters the parking lot again, the user only needs one-button operation, and the vehicle can automatically navigate and park in the target parking space.

    The experience of intelligent parking assistance (APA) has also been further improved, and an R-speed parking interface has been added, so there is no need to wait for scanning parking spaces or frequently clicking on the screen to confirm. In addition, in view of the problem that it is difficult to get on and off in a narrow garage, the new M7 in Wenjie has also added a Remote Parking Assistant (RPA) after the OTA upgrade, and users can remotely control the intelligent parking of vehicles through the APP, so that users can bid farewell to parking troubles.

    Not only that, but also the lateral active security capability of the new M7 has been further improved after the OTA upgrade. When the vehicle deviates from the lane during normal driving, and the system senses that there is a collision risk between the vehicle and the obstacles such as drainage horses, cones, curbs or fences on the side of the road, the lateral obstacle collision prevention (LOCP) automatically triggers the intervention steering, which reduces the vehicle collision risk and further ensures the safety of drivers and passengers.

    With the official launch of the OTA upgrade, all the models of HarmonyOS Zhixing have the ability of intelligent driving without a map that can be opened all over the country. Among them, the new M7 has been further improved in intelligent driving, parking convenience and safety, which has continuously increased the market performance of the industry. In the future, the industry will be guided by users’ needs, actively listen to users’ voices, and continue to iteratively optimize products, so that brands can better understand users and make products more temperature-sensitive.

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