2021 Chengdu Auto Show: The Great Wall Locomotive Gun was officially unveiled.

  [car home New Car Launch] During the opening of Chengdu Auto Show in 2021, the Great Wall officially brought a new version of its gun series-locomotive gun. This model is based on the Great Wall Gun (parameter picture) (parameter | inquiry), and adopts a single-row body structure to expand the space in the trunk of the car as much as possible for loading motorcycles.

  In terms of appearance, the design of the front of the new car is not much different from the ordinary version of the Great Wall Gun. It is still a polygonal front air intake grille with a banner-type chrome-plated middle net, and the headlights on both sides are combined with it, which looks full of momentum.

  On the side of the car body, the new car is painted with motorcycles, which makes the use of the vehicle look more obvious. The black body with red flowers also makes the motorcycle gun full of fighting sense.

  In addition, the new car has a special slot in the trunk for fixing the motorcycle, which can effectively fix the motorcycle. When motorcycle and motorcycle gun are combined together, it has a very unique taste.

  In terms of interior, the interior of the gun locomotive version is the same as that of the commercial version, without too much decoration. The interior of the car is mainly pure black, with a large number of plastic-lined materials and without too many decorative pieces. However, the large-size multimedia screen in the car is preserved.

  In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 2.0T gasoline turbocharged engine of the Great Wall GW4C20B model, with a maximum power of 221 HP (165 kW). (Text/car home graduated)