Guo Qilin: Be more serious with those who scold you. This is what you shouldn’t do.

Special feature of 1905 film network As one of the main creators of the Spring Festival new film, Guo Qilin was recently associated with UP! The new power has had a dialogue. According to the most popular personnel standards some time ago, Guo Qilin can definitely be regarded as "the post-90s generation of Buddhism". Well, perhaps the qualifier "glib version" needs to be added in front.

In order to keep up with the rhythm of "Miss Xiao Guo" throwing and picking stalks in seconds, we have always maintained a concentration of 120,000 points in the process. The end of an exclusive interview really makes people want to sigh — — It’s really not easy to hold hands.

I also talked a lot with Mr. Xiao Guo about poverty, teasing and wandering. Don’t look at Guo Qilin, who just finished his 22nd birthday, and has been in the business for a long time. In fact, his mentality is far more mature than most of his peers. After listening to his thoughts, we are impressed by this teenager who only shows laughter and scolding on the stage most of the time.

"People think you are cute, that’s to look at your father’s face."

I remember this sentence until now.

Degang Guo decided to direct the film Nineteenth Generation of Ancestors, and Guo Qilin, as a son of man, did not hesitate to support it — — Although the father and son were somewhat awkward when they mentioned this cooperation, one son was "the most difficult for him to invite" and the other vomited that "I wanted to support it in my heart, but I didn’t want to come."

With a father like Degang Guo Guo, Guo Qilin naturally has more choices and opportunities than many people, but at the same time, he has to bear more invisible pressure and "bondage" accordingly. This matter has been deeply felt by him since he was a child.

More than ten years ago, nine-year-old Guo Qilin received a box of chocolates from his father’s friend, which was enough to make a child feel very happy and happy.

Guo Qilin as a child.

"I’ll tell my mother when I go back. You see how good your son is. Everyone knows that I’m cute and give me chocolate. I remember the sentence my mother said until now. She said,’ Not because you are cute, but because you look at your father’s face’. "

From then on, wherever Guo Qilin went and what he did, this string was in his heart. Including his official entry into the business in 2010 and becoming a member of Deyun Society, he felt the "tolerance" brought by his identity both on stage and off stage.

Whether it’s a senior martial uncle, a master or a fellow martial brother or a younger brother, being able to call yourself a "little squad leader" is not convincing.

Guo Qilin and his partner Yan Hexiang.

"The first four years, basically. From 2010 to 2014, (I) must drop the chain on important occasions. My dad always wants me to show it, but I’m sure there will be a stage accident at this time. Later, I made a direct statement, and I will not go and not lose this person. "

Guo Qilin talked about being merciless.

"It’s really a far cry from the present when I just said cross talk. Now I think those audiences can accept me at that time. (Allow) a kid to talk nonsense on the stage. It’s really patient. I will definitely go if I sit down."

The audience’s expectation for Degang Guo’s son and the young class leader of Deyun Society made Guo Qilin unable to bear it when he was a child: "The atmosphere of the whole audience was dead and silent, which was unbearable for ordinary people. Other actors are being blasted by the audience at the moment, and the audience doesn’t have the patience, but when I come to my audience, I think, forget it, give his father face and wait for him to finish. But this is like stewing a knife to kill people. I wish they would quickly bomb me down. Suffering on the stage for 25 minutes is the most difficult thing I experienced when I was young. "

Whether relying on the big family "Deyun Society" or stepping out of this environment to venture into the film and television industry, Guo Qilin has long accepted his father’s influence. He said with a smile that this is an "advantage" and "taking advantage of Miss Guo". When I grow up, I must get rid of the aura of my parents and let everyone recognize me … …

Guo Qilin has never had this "childish" rebellious mentality, but he is also confident: "This kind of thing can only affect others’ first impression of you, but if others find you annoying or annoying in the subsequent contact and cooperation, then no matter who your father is, people will not give you a good face because of your father, will they?"

"Give yourself a decision.

Be serious with those who scold you. This is what you shouldn’t do. "

Although according to Guo Qilin’s classification standard, cross talk performance and drama performance come down in one continuous line, and there is no "cross-border transformation" between them: "You have to say that I used to be a film announcer, and now being a film actor may be a big step (transformation). In fact, Quyi and drama are basically performances. I just put myself in front of this camera from the stage, and there is no difference. "

However, there are still some changes. Out of the boundary of "Deyun Society", a young squad leader with eight years of stage experience has become a fledgling young actor. In addition to his comedies with his father, Guo Qilin is constantly expanding his role. Being a Quyi actor has helped him a lot, but in many cases, he has to face the distress caused by some stereotypes.

Guo Qilin starred in Give Me a Girl at Eighteen.

For a long time, all the scripts given to Guo Qilin were comedy characters without exception. "I think first of all, I am a young actor, which is very important to me. I feel that I can play more youth plays. "

Teacher Xiao Guo seriously emphasized the word "young actor". "Youth doesn’t mean any idol drama, overbearing president, how can I fly a plane to pick up my dream goddess? I may not be able to play with this. I just like some real stories with realistic themes. The stories that happened around me may be dull, but they really happened. I think I can act these things, right? "

Guo Qilin bluntly doesn’t want to confine himself to the category of "comedy" any more: "The so-called comedy doesn’t have a definition of age, no matter how old comedians are, there are more than 30, more than 40 and more than 70. I don’t think I’m short of one of these 20-odd people (laughs), so it’s not tight to say whether to play or not. "

But if he can meet a script he likes, he will never refuse a good work because of it, but there are far more farce than comedy in the market now. "Now it’s mostly farce. Get a few so-called comedians and variety shows, and make a lively story about what the donkey’s lips are not right for the horse’s mouth. At the end, thank you all. It’s all about singing and dancing."

At present, Guo Qilin has begun to receive more and more different roles. For example, in the drama Joy of Life, he will play a major role.

Joy of Life conference, third from left is Guo Qilin.

As for whether he is confident to accept the audience’s evaluation, he said that he had already developed a strong heart in the face of "bad comments" with Mr. Guo in those years of cross talk. "My dad has always been open-minded, and he can’t open it. In recent years, he has said that cross talk, peer audiences and ticket friends have a lot of complaints about Teacher Guo, and he has long been psychologically unbearable."

At first, I met some fierce "comments", and Guo Qilin, as a young man, was a little impatient. Later, his father was much more enlightened and he became accustomed to it. "Maybe people are like this. One of the thousands of people who praise you below says that you are not good, and you immediately feel uncomfortable.’ How can he say that I am not good?’ and’ How can he have a different view from others?’ In fact, it is completely unnecessary."

Teacher Guo took out a very Buddhist state. "How do people say it’s somebody else’s business? We can’t do anything about him. What does it have to do with me?" You should listen to him, that’s what you shouldn’t do, right? Didn’t we make our own decisions? I will stick to my heart and do what I think, regardless of the future outcome. "