The blogger of Tik Tok Xiaohongshu Tandian found the "second spring" in Alipay?

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In this era when everyone is a shop-exploring blogger, the middle-waist shop-exploring blogger is caught in extreme involution.

In 2018, Tik Tok set up a POI team to explore the "local life" track. Two years later, Tik Tok established a local shop-visiting talent system, and the video of talent-visiting shops began to be popular on short video platforms. At the same time, it is more obvious that the number of visitors to the store is involved and it is difficult to realize it. Entertainment Unicorn has investigated a number of local life practitioners, including service providers such as local life MCN, as well as middle-waisted shop-visiting bloggers with a fan base of 10,000 to more than 500,000.

At the store-exploring talent track, some people earned a lot of money, while others lost the Nuggets.People with more than one million fans earn about 500,000 to 300,000 yuan a month. Shop-visiting bloggers with about 10,000 fans have realized an average of 2,000 to 4,000 per month, and shop-visiting bloggers with 100,000 fans have become 10,000 to 20,000 per month. If the number of fans is less than 10,000, and the level of goods is lower than level 3, it is difficult for the shop-visiting bloggers to get in touch with the business list, and they can’t support themselves through "full-time".

Exploring stores was once a hot spot for big manufacturers to compete for. Giants rushed into the local life track, with traffic and cash subsidies, and all kinds of infighting took turns. Cheng Yixiao, founder and CEO of Aauto Quicker, even appealed: This year, all group purchases are worth doing again in Aauto Quicker. Facing the new market environment, where should the shop-exploring bloggers go? What new content platforms are there to give new opportunities to shop-exploring bloggers? Here, we have a glimpse.

The era of collecting money everywhere is over.

Explore the store blogger volume GMV or volume content?

Judging from the development track of waist bloggers in Tik Tok, it can be roughly divided into three stages.

In the first stage, the content platform led by Tik Tok launched an offensive to the local life industry.In June, 2021, Tik Tok directly shouted "more business orders!" at the first national offline empowerment launching conference held in Shanghai. There are many business orders! Online celebrity is few, and the number is simply not enough ".

At that time, the video of visiting stores was to share personal consumption experience, evaluate and recommend goods or brands. Compared with the recommendation of "planting grass" in words and pictures, this kind of short video form is more intuitive, so it has gradually become the mainstream. Online celebrity, with high traffic and great influence, can make consumers have higher trust in the businesses or products recommended by it by virtue of its personal influence.

In the early days, many online celebrity took a ride on the store-exploring track, and became the head online celebrity. For example, the big LOGO has been eaten all over China and Bai Bing. At that time, the identity of the shop-exploring blogger also made many young people flock to it. What they envied was not only the flexibility and freedom of time, but also the considerable income, and the monthly income could easily exceed 10,000.

In the second stage, the store-exploring track has entered a mature stage, which makes the sales-oriented store-exploring group buyers face a lot of pressure.

There are two kinds of shopkeepers.One is the content-based shop detective.Exploring stores is only their content material, and more depends on star maps to receive advertisements;One is the sales-oriented shop-spotter., mainly for businesses to promote, so as to earn commissions and sales share.

With the increasing number of sales-oriented bloggers, many experts only care about their own interests, so they charge merchants fees and even ignore the actual situation of goods. At the same time, the Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising, which came into effect on May 1, 2023, clearly pointed out that if the video promoting goods or services through experience sharing and other forms is added with purchase methods such as shopping links, the publisher must clearly indicate that the video is an "advertisement". Last year, there was a video released by a related company, which was fined 10,000 yuan by the relevant department because it was not marked with "advertisement".

In addition to policy,The platform began to classify bloggers, and different levels of small and medium-sized bloggers got completely different fees and resources for exploring the store.Small and medium-sized bloggers must complete the prescribed tasks in order to avoid relegation and promotion and earn income. Level 2 should at least complete the sales in 500 yuan, and level 3 should at least complete the consumption of 3000 yuan. Level 4 should complete at least 2.5w consumption, and level 5 should complete at least 7.5w consumption. In addition, Tik Tok’s assessment of sales force is conducted once a month. Many waist shop bloggers choose to update videos with higher frequency, bet exposure with multiple orders and order sales. Although the production time has not changed, the frequency of explosive works is lower than that in the early days. However, the decrease of explosive works makes it difficult for GMV to rise.

In the third stage, Tik Tok began to support MCN agencies, and different MCN agencies have different ways of cooperation.Some MCN organizations adopt the salary model of 6,000 basic salary plus commission, provided that after signing the company, they can’t start a new number in their own name. In addition, it is divided into cooperation mode. The proportion of 0-3 level talents and MCN institutions is 82%, the proportion of 4-5 level talents is 91%, and the proportion of talents above 6 level is 100%.

It is not difficult to see that the number of shop-exploring people has increased, the volume of platform traffic has become smaller, and the income of middle-aged people has not been guaranteed. The golden age has become a thing of the past. This can’t help but make the waist shopkeepers think, what is the next step besides improving the content?

Bet on multiple "big factories" to gain traffic growth,

Explore the store bloggers to start self-help?

There are more and more shopkeepers in the middle waist, and most waist bloggers are trying to bet on emerging content platforms while constantly upgrading their content. Fortunately,As early as 2023, many "big factories" made many new moves for local life.

On July 18th, 2023, Xiaohongshu’s official store-exploring cooperation center was launched, and the first batch of cities for store-exploring cooperation were Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It is reported that merchants launch a store-exploring cooperation plan on the platform. After the bloggers sign up, they will go to the store to experience the release of notes, and relevant stores or products need to be added for the release. When users browse the bloggers’ notes, they can place orders directly through the purchase entrance. This move not only allows bloggers to have more materials to publish, but also allows many businesses to benefit from increasing the volume. Take @ Vivi, the expert of Xiaohongshu food detective shop, as an example. She has updated nearly 300 articles one after another, all focusing on local life, eating, drinking and having fun, and accumulated 42,000 likes and won 413,000 likes. In her daily notes, more than half of them are linked with group purchases.

It is worth mentioning that many experts will directly copy Tik Tok’s successful experience of bringing goods to Xiaohongshu, and some even directly use the same video. @ Electric Donkey Man started as a group buyer in Tik Tok, and she was one of the top 100 shopkeepers in Beijing. There are more than 330,000 fans in Tik Tok, and she has 92,000 fans in Little Red Book. Through her works, it is not difficult to find that she will move Tik Tok’s video to Xiaohongshu, complete the official punch-in task and get traffic support. In fact, there are not a few shopkeepers like Electric Donkey Man.One more platform means more traffic and more cash opportunities.

At the same time, in July last year, Alipay officially announced that it would upgrade its life number, adding short videos and live broadcasts, and promoted the "Life" channel to the C position on the home page, and invited a shop-spotter who worked hard for Tik Tok and Xiaohongshu to become the creator of the life number.

Some middle-waisted shop-exploring bloggers have successfully achieved double growth in traffic and income by entering Alipay.Take "the legendary Bo Zi" as an example. In August 2023, he received an official invitation from Alipay to join the creator group of Alipay Life. What he didn’t expect was Alipay’s sharing plan, which made his monthly income as high as 50,000 yuan.

The competition in the local life market is fierce. On the evening of March 20th, 2024, Cheng Yixiao, founder and CEO of Aauto Quicker, revealed that,In the fourth quarter of 2023, the average number of daily paying users of local life business in Aauto Quicker increased by more than 40% from the previous quarter.. By December 2023, the number of group buyers in Aauto Quicker increased by 191% year-on-year. On the platform of Aauto Quicker, "Late Night Not Late" is a treasure mom in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. In June 2023, she opened a personal Aauto Quicker account and started her own Aauto Quicker group purchase business after work. In a few months, the average monthly GMV exceeded one million, and the highest monthly GMV reached two million.

It is worth mentioning that,Platform reward is another source of income for Daren.Compared with Tik Tok, the platform now has greater support. In addition to the upgrade reward, there are also sales rewards for talents, including 10,000 yuan for GMV, 15,000 yuan for 600 yuan, 20,000 yuan for 1000 yuan and 30,000 yuan for 1,500 yuan. It is reported that in 2024, Aauto Quicker will launch a billion-level platform subsidy and hundreds of billions of traffic, creating a new outlet and increase in online consumption of service retail, and continuously helping the growth and business outbreak of good merchants, talents and service providers.

In 2023, Meituan pushed the "Meituan Circle" synchronously, and made great efforts to bring goods to people, and successively opened up grass planting links for short videos, live broadcasts and other content and consumption. Pinduoduo and WeChat video numbers were also launched in the middle of last year, respectively, opening up traffic resources to online businesses.

Looking at it, although the competition of life service track is becoming more and more fierce, butThe industry is still in the exploration period, and the bonus of the store-exploring track will continue to be released.According to iResearch data, the local life service market in China will increase to 35.3 trillion yuan by 2025, which will be a huge track with a scale of 10 trillion according to 30% Internet penetration. For shop-exploring bloggers, it is a brand-new opportunity to take advantage of the dual values of Aauto Quicker, Xiaohongshu, Alipay platform-level activities and traffic sharing.

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