Experience Tucki G6 deeply, and enjoy the smart driving with hard-core technology.

    Recently, Tucki G6 launched a smart driving experience in Zhaoqing-Guangzhou. As the first strategic vehicle under the SEPA 2.0 boost structure in Xpeng Motors, Tucki G6 is equipped with XNGP intelligent assisted driving system, global 800V high-voltage SiC silicon carbide platform and other hard-core technologies, as well as a full set of signboard technologies such as front and rear integrated aluminum die casting technology and CIB battery body integration, which is committed to meeting the higher demand of consumers for intelligent driving technology.

    XNGP, the second generation intelligent assisted driving system equipped by Tucki G6, is the top priority of this test drive. Excellent intelligent driving performance is inseparable from excellent software and hardware support. In terms of hardware, Tucki G6 is equipped with 31 perceptual hardware and 508 TOPS high computing power, and the software algorithm is equipped with XNet deep vision neural network. By integrating the leading software and hardware technologies, Xpeng Motors XNGP intelligent assisted driving system has been achieved. According to the manufacturer’s technicians, XNGP will gradually get rid of the dependence on high-precision maps in the near future, and will not be restricted by travel scenes, and truly realize the full-scene assisted driving function.

    In the one-and-a-half-hour high-speed test drive experience from Zhaoqing to Guangzhou, the new generation of high-speed NGP almost realized the "zero takeover" of the whole process.

    After traveling to the Guangzhou urban area with a large traffic volume, the NGP function of G6 city in Tucki began to take over. With the help of high-precision maps, it showed maturity like an "old driver". Every traffic sign along the way was not missed, and it was possible to independently identify the change of traffic lights passing through the intersection, and it was easy to deal with the traffic jam. At the same time, the system can avoid pedestrians and electric bicycles in time and quickly.

    In addition to the intelligent driving system, the intelligent cockpit of Tucki G6 also performed well. It is equipped with Xmart OS 4.0 intelligent vehicle-mounted system, which supports full-scene voice 2.0 function and can realize full-time response of the whole vehicle. During long-distance driving, when four people in the car give voice commands at the same time, the system will intelligently recognize each person’s commands and respond quickly, which can simultaneously complete opening the window for the main driver, lowering the air conditioning temperature for the co-driver, and lowering the sound volume for the rear row …

    In addition, Tucki G6 is also equipped with XCombo intelligent scene function, which enables multiple functions in the seat cabin to be freely combined, triggered and executed at one time, and realizes "thousands of people and thousands of faces, advanced customization" of functional scenes.

    Based on the technical blessing of SEPA 2.0 in Xpeng Motors, Tucki G6 adopts the front and rear integrated aluminum die-casting body +CIB battery body integration technology, and the torsional stiffness is as high as 41 600 N m, which greatly improves the body support and deformation resistance when cornering, and the vehicle posture is more stable and the handling performance is stronger. As for the chassis, Tucki G6 adopts a four-wheel independent suspension system with front double wishbone+rear five-bar linkage+front and rear lateral anti-roll bars, which gives consideration to comfort and handling.

    In terms of performance, Tucki G6 is equipped with an 800V XPower electric drive system, with a maximum power of 358kW and a peak torque of 660N·m, which can instantly explode the maximum torque within 0.15s and accelerate for 3.9 seconds at 0-100km/h, bringing a more passionate acceleration experience. Even when cornering at high speed, Tucki G6′ s body can maintain its best posture, achieving no pushing or swinging, and more accurate steering directivity.

    The charging speed of new energy vehicles has always been a pain point for users. In order to solve the charging problem, Tucki G6 gives a solution-global 800V high-voltage SiC silicon carbide platform +3C battery, which can increase the battery life by 300km after charging for 10 minutes in S4 super-charged pile in Tucki. In the actual use process, the use of ordinary social charging piles also shows high charging efficiency.

    According to the actual measurement, Tucki G6 charged by ordinary social charging pile (180kW) has a remaining cruising range of 64km under CLTC standard. After 5 minutes of charging, the accumulated charging amount is 11.17 degrees, the cruising range is increased by 84km, and the remaining cruising range under CLTC standard reaches 148km.

    In terms of endurance, Tucki G6 has a comprehensive cruising range of up to 755km, which can meet the travel needs of users such as daily commuting and weekend outings, and has a more solid endurance. From the actual experience, the Tucki G6 test drive car showed a remaining cruising range of 301km when it was picked up. After a full distance of 110.5km and two hours’ time consumption, it showed a remaining mileage of 199km when it arrived at its destination, which was highly close to the actual mileage, and the cruising range was not discounted. In addition, Tucki G6 brings an average energy consumption of 14.2kWh per 100 kilometers, taking into account the actual test drive loss under different working conditions, such as road congestion, high speed, air conditioning and constant speed cruise.

    Driven by the development trend of intelligence and electrification, the era of new energy vehicles is accelerating. As the heaviest model of Tucki Automobile this year, G6 will be officially listed in the near future.