The new BYD Han DM-I/DM-P will be launched on April 10th with a pre-sale price of 216.8-322.8 million.

Yichexun Recently, we learned from relevant channels that the new BYD Han DM-i/DM-p will be listed on April 10th, and the pre-sale price was previously announced at 21.68-32.28 million.The new car is equipped with plug-in hybrid system, in which DM-i model emphasizes economy, while DM-p model emphasizes performance.

In terms of design, the new car basically continues Han’s design, with a strong sense of fashion and sports, but it is different in details. For example, the new car adopts a large-size air intake grille with a chrome-plated lattice mesh. In addition, the fog light area has also been adjusted accordingly.

In terms of the rear end, the new car continues the design of the Han model and still adopts the through taillight design, but the internal structure design of the taillight is different. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4975/1910/1495mm and the wheelbase is 2920mm respectively.

In terms of interior design, the shape of the new car is basically the same as that of the current model. The overall design style is simple, and the rotatable central control screen and LCD instrument panel enhance the sense of technology of the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with a class chameleon scale passenger driving panel.

In terms of power, both models are equipped with a plug-in system including a 1.5T engine, and the maximum power of the engine is 102kW. Han DM-i’s NEDC power loss oil per 100 kilometers is 4.2L, the comprehensive cruising range can reach 1300km, and the NEDC pure battery life can reach 242km. The NEDC of Han DM-p has a fuel consumption of 5.2L per 100 km, a pure battery life of 202km and an acceleration time of 3.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km.

According to the "popularity list" data of Easy Car App, the popularity of Han models ranks fourth among competing products of the same level. If you need more data, please check it in Easy Car App.

Editor in charge: Zhao Yu