The cherry blossoms are full of vitality and broaden the local road to prosperity.

CCTV News:At present, more than 1,500 acres of mountain cherry blossoms in the cherry garden in Luoqiao Town, Changning, Hunan Province are competing to open. The contiguous mountain cherry blossoms put a layer of red clothes on the mountain, which is beautiful. Next, we connected Yao Yao, a reporter from the reception desk, and asked him to take us to appreciate the beauty of Sakura.

Front desk reporter Yao Yao:I am now in the cherry blossom garden in Luoqiao Town, Changning, Hunan Province. With the temperature rising, the mountain cherry blossoms here are blooming with great enthusiasm, which makes people feel the brilliant spring.

The color of Prunus mume is mostly deep pink, with three to five symbiotic flowers, mostly single petals. Flowers are bell-shaped, usually hanging down from the branches, and the tender yellow stamens stick out from the flowers, just like small wind chimes, composing spring music with the mountain wind. Prunus mume belongs to the deciduous tree of Rosaceae, and its flowers are rich in color. Besides crimson, pink and purple flowers can also be seen. Cherry blossoms bloom first and then grow leaves, and the flowers on the branches in full bloom are intoxicating.

The contiguous mountain cherry blossoms are covered with mountains, and the trunk of the mountain cherry blossoms is tall and straight, showing grayish brown or grayish black. The old branches give birth to slender new branches, all of which are covered with blooming flowers or buds waiting to be released. Flowers are as red as rouge, swaying and embracing each other in the breeze, and wandering in the meantime, as if falling into the sea of flowers and immersed in a dreamland.

Mountain cherry is also called Zhong Hua cherry and Fujian Mountain cherry, and it is also called Han Fei cherry. As the name implies, it is a red cherry blossom that blooms in cold early spring. Mountain cherry blossoms can be regarded as the earliest cherry blossoms in mainland China in a year. The flowering period is generally in mid-February, which is twenty days earlier than common cherry blossoms.

Most of Prunus mume grow at an altitude of 500 meters to 1400 meters, and they like light and slightly acidic soil, and have strong adaptability, relatively high temperature resistance and certain cold resistance. The temperature, humidity and soil conditions here in Changning, Hunan are very suitable for the growth of Prunus mume. The planting requirements of Prunus mume are high, so we should pay attention to deep cultivation and shallow planting, and ensure good soil drainage. In the seedling growth period, we should carefully manage and give enough growth space to ensure the smooth flowering of Prunus mume. Like the cherry trees in our lens, which have grown for more than 10 years, they can bloom so luxuriantly.

In recent years, the local area has been continuously introduced, grafted and cultivated to expand the planting area. Now the planting area of Sakura in our Sakura Garden has reached more than 1,500 mu. During the blooming season, the fiery red cherry blossoms are particularly dazzling against the green forest.

In addition to mountain cherry blossoms, there are eight other kinds of cherry blossoms, such as peony cherry blossoms and perfume cherry blossoms, which have different postures and different strengths. At present, 2,500 mu of cherry blossoms have been planted in the cherry garden in Luoqiao Town, Changning, with more than 1 million cherry trees.

When the flowers bloom, the cherry blossom garden is full of clouds, and the fascinating beauty attracts a large number of tourists to watch it, which is a vibrant scene. The romantic cherry blossom sea has promoted the development of eating, living, traveling, shopping and entertainment, broadened the way for local villagers to get rich, and injected new vitality into rural revitalization.