What are the advantages and disadvantages of Huawei’s M7? Huawei asks M7 for real evaluation.

HuaweiIn just three days, the order volume has exceeded 60,000 vehicles, becoming another explosive model. So, since it is so popular, what is the product strength of the vehicle? Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Huawei’s M7:

First, advantages

1. Strong dynamic performance

Huawei asks M7.The hybrid form makes the vehicle feel closer to a pure tram, and the vehicle will have a strong sense of pushing back when it starts to accelerate. The four-wheel drive model can accelerate 100 kilometers in 4.8 seconds at the earliest, and even the two-wheel drive model with an acceleration of 7.8 seconds in 100 kilometers is enough for most consumers.

2, the comprehensive cruising range is long

The maximum battery life of this model is 195km, while the maximum comprehensive battery life is 1,220km. Although the measured battery life is slightly attenuated, it is not too difficult to reach the total battery life of 1,000km in the urban area with full fuel and electricity.

3, rich configuration

In addition to Huawei’s cockpit and HUAWEI SOUND sound system, Wenjie M7 also comes standard with 6 cameras and 12 cameras in intelligent configuration.Ultrasonic radar, 3It can support L2-level automatic assisted driving, and also has 360 panoramic images, front and rear radars and other configurations.

In terms of comfort configuration, the front and rear seats of the M7 support electric multi-angle adjustment, and also have the functions of heating, ventilation and massage. It also comes standard with electric tailgate, keyless entry, start, HUD head-up display, active noise reduction and other configurations.

Second, the shortcomings

1, the space is cramped.

As a medium-sized and large-sized model, Wenjie M7The length of the bus has reached 5020mm, but the wheelbase is only 2820mm, which is smaller than the one one.It’s even shorter, which leads to the compact seating space in the third row of boundary M7, and the seating space in the second row and the third row is very unsatisfactory.

2, the trunk space is small.

When the third row of seats is used in the M7, the space in the trunk will be very small. Only when the third row of seats is put down can the space in the trunk be expanded. Therefore, when the car is fully loaded with six people, there is actually not much room in the trunk. For users with loading requirements, it may be necessary to install an extra roof trunk.

3. Manipulative deviation

The chassis suspension of this model is very soft and has good comfort, but it also sacrifices some maneuverability. When the vehicle crosses a corner or changes lanes at a high speed, the support of the suspension is poor, which leads to obvious roll of the car body, and the steering feel of the steering wheel is too light, and some consumers may feel unreliable.