Exploring partners to protect the spirit of space exploration Tiggo 8 PRO accompanies astronomy enthusiasts to keep looking up at the sky.

To pay tribute to the 30th anniversary of China’s manned spaceflight project, recently, the documentary "Sky Survey" jointly produced by Tencent News and Chery Automobile was officially launched and broadcast, which attracted wide acclaim. In the documentary, Zhu Jin, retired astronomy editor, Chen Tao, director of astronomy, and Zhang Jingyi, a astrophotography enthusiast, all use their unique styles to drive around the sky, chase and photograph the transit of the "Tiangong" space station in China, and realize their dreams of space exploration. The documentary, by following the three space explorers’ trip to the sky, conveys the spirit of exploration of people who are keen to pursue their dreams, and praises the space achievements of the great motherland!

In the documentary "Sky Survey", there is also a heavyweight "role" appearing in high frequency, that is, Chery Tiggo 8 PRO. As an "exploration partner", Tiggo 8 PRO escorted three space explorers to explore the sky, crossed mountains and rivers, and chased the transit of Tiangong Space Station, winning the appreciation of explorers and many audiences with its strong product strength.

On the way to the sky, the heart of exploration will not stop.

In the documentary "Sky Survey", three explorers told their own stories of sky survey. As a former curator of the Beijing Planetarium and editor-in-chief of Astronomy Enthusiast magazine, Zhu Jin is a veteran astronomy fan. It is his greatest hobby to set up astronomical telescopes in the wilderness and hills in the suburbs and look at the stars in the distance. For this hobby, he took part in the marathon, searched for suitable shooting places along the route, and often drove with "long guns and short guns" to reach the right place and looked up to explore the starry sky. As a partner in observing the starry sky, Tiggo 8 PRO is equipped with a 24.6-inch universe nebula immersion surround screen, and its Beidou navigation system makes the complicated work of finding observation sites much easier. At the same time, the 1930L large trunk space in the car can easily put down all kinds of equipment for observation, making the shooting work more convenient.

In addition to observing the sky, Zhu Jin also has a great pleasure, which is to popularize astronomical knowledge for children. "Expecting them to look up at the sky" is another big wish of his. Retired Zhu Jin is either on the way to observation or on the way to popular science class. His rich materials have opened up the imagination fun for children to travel in outer space. Running in the rough countryside, the Chery all-scene intelligent four-wheel drive system equipped with Tiggo 8 PRO ensures the smooth and smooth road ahead, leaving those sophisticated observation instruments and valuable materials intact on the road and better carrying out popular science activities for children.

"idolize" girl’s space dream, the charm of the sky is hard to resist.

Many young women are keen on idolize, but Zhang Jingyi’s road to idolize is somewhat unusual. Zhang Jingyi is not obsessed with chasing the stars on the stage. She is interested in the stars in the sky and the dazzling array of space probes. Since she first photographed the rocket launch in Wenchang two years ago, she has developed a hobby of following the spacecraft. "Exploring the sky has made me know many friends, found confidence and fulfilled my dream." Her dream of space flight has gradually come to fruition in shooting again and again.

Observing the starry sky needs to endure loneliness, loneliness and cold, and maintain a high degree of concentration, otherwise it may miss the short-term transit of the aircraft, which is tantamount to a hard "test", which is even more difficult for a female observer like Zhang Jingyi. However, with Tiggo 8 PRO, the hardship of idolize has been greatly reduced. The Lion5.0 AI technology smart cockpit equipped with Tiggo 8 PRO has the industry-leading AI emotional super interactive system, which can be automatically controlled with the instructions of the explorer during observation, such as automatically opening panoramic sunroof, air conditioning, etc., and even broadcasting the weather. The high-quality SONY 10 surround sound in the car allows you to enjoy the listening experience of the music department when observing the starry sky at night; The unique gravity-free queen’s fitness car allows passengers to enjoy SPA-level massage anytime and anywhere. Sitting in a comfortable cockpit, enjoying the audio-visual experience of the music department, "lying flat" on the massage chair, and observing the starry sky through the sky-high panoramic skylight, this observation trip made Zhang Jingyi feel scientific and warm.

The "hunter" under the sky, the "retro-style" camping said to leave.

"Asteroid hunter" is a strange occupation for many people, but this is the identity tag of Chen Tao, director of the Northern Coronal Observatory. Over the years, traveling all over the country, he named more than 200 asteroids he discovered in various ways, such as "Jay Chou Star" named after idols, which became his "masterpiece". Every time he starts from the city and pulls more than 300 kilograms of equipment, Chen Tao will look at the sky while driving, find the best observation place and camping place, and come to a "retro" camping at any time. "If I put it in peacetime, I will be lonely, but when I concentrate on astronomical observation, I don’t feel afraid and lonely at all." Chen Tao said happily.

If you want to "hunt", you must seize the opportunity. Asteroids and spacecraft often transit for a short time, so they must arrive at the observation point on time to observe in time. Tiggo 8 PRO is equipped with Kunpeng Power 2.0TGDI engine with a maximum power of 187kW and a peak torque of 390N·m, which has the strongest power performance in its class, helping observers to "reach the ground" in time to obtain the best observation effect. Whether looking for observation points in the mountains and rivers during the day or rushing to the suburbs at night, driving is more difficult than daily commuting. The W-HUD interplanetary flying head-up display function equipped with the Tiggo 8 PRO can get the road information in time without distractions while the explorers keep head-up, which improves the driving safety factor. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with 15 intelligent driving AIDS, reaching the level of L2.5 intelligent driving assistance. In the case of long-distance driving, night walking and congestion encountered by explorers when they go to the observation point in the outer suburbs, they can calmly cope with it and escort the road of observation. During the survey, the outstanding performance of Tiggo 8 PRO also amazed explorers.

Write it at the end

With the launch of the Mengtian experimental module just around the corner, the Tiangong Space Station has entered the final stage of construction. It is believed that more and more astronomy and space enthusiasts will join the "camp" of exploring the sky and look up at the sky for their dreams. Since the birth of China’s manned spaceflight project for 30 years, China’s "space dream of a big country" has come into reality, and ordinary people have also looked up at the sky in their own way and explored their own space dreams. When it went public in May this year, the Tiggo 8 PRO positioned itself as a "three-body science and technology exploration car", and with the embodiment of many sci-fi elements in the car, the Ad Astra sci-fi attributes of the Tiggo 8 PRO were fully filled. Today, Tiggo 8 PRO escorts the starry sky explorers of Sky Survey with strong strength. I believe that in the near future, Tiggo 8 PRO will protect users who have exploration dreams with excellent product strength and embark on the exploration journey in their hearts. The dream is not limited, and the pursuit is not limited.